Caution, Vitamins: what is the danger of their uncontrolled intake
Caution, Vitamins: what is the danger of their uncontrolled intake

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented rush for vitamins.

People buy everything on ayherb, they are driven by advertising and "reviews", as well as advice from their friends: "It helped them, so it helped me too." Will these vitamins go for the future, and will they not do more harm than good?

What we refuse in the first place is poly- and multivitamins.

Why? They are often so mixed inside that they reduce the assimilation of each other. And iron, for example, is only absorbed separately from everything. Therefore, you should not buy expensive vitamin complexes - this is just marketing.

Moreover, the inorganic forms in some multivitamins affect the acidity of the stomach. Bloating, pain, and the formation of insoluble sediments in the intestines may occur.


Give preference to vitamins of organic, chelated form. They have a neutral PH. They do not irritate the stomach lining. They can be taken on an empty stomach to ensure maximum absorption of vitamins.

Their molecules immediately contain amino acids. They help transport nutrients and have additional beneficial properties for the body.

The main source of vitamins and minerals is your food. By taking additional medications, you make up for the deficiencies. To do this, you need to correctly identify them and effectively replenish them in the required volume.

As you already understood, the dosage of pharmacy multivitamins minimally helps you in this task. Regime and nutritious balanced diet - on guard of your immunity.

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