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TOP 7 unobvious habits that cause us to gain weight
TOP 7 unobvious habits that cause us to gain weight

If you find yourself getting better for no apparent reason, check to see if you are making any of the mistakes below.

Our body is an integral system. If something fails, it can affect the whole body as a whole. And, at first glance, insignificant daily habits can lead to weight gain, and, subsequently, to diseases.

You sleep little

If you are used to surfing the Internet until midnight and sleep less than 7-8 hours, then your circadian rhythms (biorhythms) are disrupted. This negatively affects hormonal health: leptin (a hormone responsible for satiety and can suppress appetite) is produced in small quantities, and ghrelin (which causes hunger), just the same is present in the body in excess.

As a result, you overeat. Throughout the day, you are drawn to fatty and sugary foods that can quickly make up for the lack of energy.

You eat while working at the computer

Dine without interrupting work … It would seem that this is bad, because we combine business with pleasure. But in fact, these very pounds are behind such a habit: your brain is not focused on food, but on other tasks. You swallow food, but the signal that the body is full does not go to the brain at the right time. And after an hour you are hungry again. Thus, you overeat.

girl at the computer
girl at the computer

You are not physically active

And now we are not talking about burning calories in the gym, but about movement that triggers a million biochemical and mechanical reactions in the body. Physical activity stimulates blood flow to all organs and has been shown to improve memory, language ability, attention and other cognitive functions. Walking every day should become your healthiest habit.

You don't drink enough water

It is very easy to confuse thirst with hunger. Very often, in order to drink water, a person eats up throughout the day. According to statistics, the average adult in 70% of cases does not drink even half of the required daily allowance. Remember, for our body to function properly, it is necessary to drink on average 2 liters of water per day.

girl drinking water
girl drinking water

Are you passionate about healthy lifestyle products

No matter how “healthy” the manufacturer positions its chocolate / candy / marshmallow, it is still a product that contains calories. Yes, of course, the Stevia Nut Protein Bar is much healthier than regular milk chocolate. And there is nothing wrong with eating a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner, which contains at least 75% cocoa. But, if you consume "healthy" sweets in unlimited quantities, replace meals with them, eat them at night, then do not be surprised at the figure that appears on your scales.

You go to the store without a list

Not having a grocery list when going to the supermarket can result in chocolates, chips, or soda in your basket. The best option is to think over your menu for the week, make an approximate list of necessary products and go to the store with it. So you exclude spontaneous purchases and protect yourself from harmful high-calorie snacks.

girl in the store
girl in the store

You are often stressed

A stressful situation can lead to hormonal imbalances and lead to weight gain. Therefore, it is important to maintain not only your physical but also your mental health. Why are nerve diseases? An example with the work of the stomach. Stomach cramping under stress. And we begin to "seize" stress. As a result, food cannot be absorbed and lies in the stomach for a long time. When you're stressed, it's best not to eat at all. Drink some water or herbal tea. Use anti-stress methods: go for a walk, meditate, listen to calm music, or do yoga.

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