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How to quickly get back to work after the holidays: powerful productivity hacks
How to quickly get back to work after the holidays: powerful productivity hacks

“Come on after the holidays” is the most common phrase at the end of each year. And now this time is coming to an end.

New Year's holidays are almost over, and many of us do not want to return to work at all? How can you overcome yourself? Labor market expert Tatyana Pashkina and psychologist Yulia Svyatenko shared life hacks - where to find inspiration and how to productively return to work.

We return to work gradually

All people are different, so there is no universal happiness pill. For someone, you need to switch - like to immediately close the door behind you with the holidays and go to work. You can find some easy, small task to turn the brain on. Big work, like cold water, must be entered gradually.

girl working
girl working

Separating tasks

If, right after the holidays, serious tasks await you that urgently need to be completed, you should divide the important tasks into many small stages.

A large task should be broken down into small parts. A person can even prescribe it. For example, we divide any task into 20 small actions, and completing each small item, put a tick next to it.

Pleasant joys

And here is an effective method for the female half of the planet. For example, a woman does not want to go to work, but she can buy a beautiful dress, and tomorrow there will be a reason to appear in it. You can also do some pretty makeup or hair.

girl does makeup
girl does makeup

You need to be lazy right

It's also very helpful to be lazy! But, try to do it 100%. For example, when you lie down on the couch and just don't think about anything for 5 minutes. Because when we lie down, thoughts arise - feelings of guilt. And if you lie down and lie down, just 5 minutes, disconnect from everything, then an internal resource arises, a person recovers and is ready to work.

Summarize. Try to get back to work gradually, learn how to rest properly to restore your inner resource of energy, and find your personal incentive to work.

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