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Top 5 Causes of Aging You Should Know Beforehand
Top 5 Causes of Aging You Should Know Beforehand

We are getting old and this cannot be avoided. However, the visual signs of aging can be prevented.

We are used to thinking that the signs of aging need to be addressed. However, now all the minds of the world insist on prevention. After all, we have 5 main reasons why we age.

Air composition

The oxidative process is one of the most important in aging. It's funny. We cannot live even a minute without oxygen, but we also age faster from it. And if the air we breathe is also filled with gas particles, other fumes and "gifts" from the big city, everything becomes worse. Our DNA breaks down faster.



We know that hormones "rule" in our body. However, youth also depends on them. There are a number of hormones that are responsible for the cells in our body - their deficiency, failure or excess affects our body.

For example, growth hormone deficiency can lead to deep wrinkles, saggy cheeks, and fine hair.

Hormones are a bad joke.

Low energy

The older we get, the less energetic we are. The bottom line is that 95 percent of the energy occurs in the mitochondria. They are influenced by food and air. With age, they become less and the body is less energetic. This is a natural process that leads to aging of the body.


Gastrointestinal tract

Aging or anti-aging experts say that age-related changes are caused by problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It is there that more than 65 percent of the immunity in our body is located.

Disruption of this system leads to detoxification and a significant disruption in the work of the entire body. And when the body is depleted, it gets old.

Molecular bonds

Collagen and elastin molecules also lead to aging. They are responsible for skin elasticity, tissue bond strength and proper handling of waste products. If these connections are broken, then we age very quickly.

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