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What is the reason for yellow teeth and how to return a "pearl" smile
What is the reason for yellow teeth and how to return a "pearl" smile

Truly white teeth without the "hand" of a dentist, medicines and other means - alas, an almost unattainable dream of more than half of the world's population.

And even those who seem to have a really snow-white smile sooner or later face the problem of losing the whiteness and shine of their teeth. So is it possible to get a pearly smile once and for all without medical intervention?

It's no secret that each of us wants to keep the attractiveness and whiteness of our teeth as long as possible. However, it is impossible to do this, since it is inherent in human nature. Therefore, it’s just not just worth thinking about how to slow down the discoloration of the teeth while eating and drinking liquids,”says Olesya Zabelina, a dentist, a therapist of the TsIDK network of clinics. - It's no secret that enamel, like everything else in our body, can collapse and change its original appearance, acquiring a yellowish tint. Therefore, when wondering how you can preserve the white color of your teeth, you just need to monitor your diet.

Do not forget that it is not the foods themselves that affect the teeth, but the chemicals they contain. Therefore, first of all, you need to answer the question of what kind of substances they are:

  • Chromogens (pigments deposited on the enamel);
  • Tannins (substances that help chromogens to penetrate into the enamel);
  • Acids (substances that soften the enamel).
girl with a beautiful smile
girl with a beautiful smile

Foods that change the color of teeth


It's no secret that this is the darkest drink, so each cup leaves a mark on a person's white teeth.


It is worth noting that it is black tea that has a detrimental effect on the color and fragility of the enamel. Lighter colored teas can be an alternative.


This sauce is perhaps the owner of one of the most memorable flavors. However, due to the high content of bright spices, the teeth will "absorb" its shade.


Balsamic vinegar

Again, of all its "congeners", it is balsamic that is the most harmful, since it is the darkest, only if it is not used as a salad dressing, since vegetables and herbs neutralize the negative effects of vinegar.

Tomato sauce / pasta

Tomatoes themselves are not particularly harmful to the teeth. Only they are not strongly - canned. In this case, herbs that can be added to tomato sauce / paste will help reduce the negative impact.

Sweet soda

Acting on the principle "the darker the drink, the worse", we can conclude that the most harmful of all soda is cola. But do not think that other lemonades are not harmful. All colored drinks have a bad effect on the enamel.

How to solve the problem and keep the natural whiteness of your teeth

Brush your tongue

Many people forget about this organ. However, regular tongue care will help preserve teeth and rid the oral cavity of harmful substances.

Apples, celery, cauliflower

By completing your meal with these foods, you can neutralize the effects of foods that are harmful to your teeth.


Use apple cider vinegar

It has already been said about the dangers of dark vinegar. But apple is almost colorless. It is this fact that will reduce the harm of this product.

You can prevent the darkening of your teeth even before it happens. You just need to thoroughly brush your teeth, especially after eating the most harmful products and systematically visit the dentist, who will competently give recommendations on the care of your teeth and oral cavity.

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