The body after childbirth: 9 answers of a plastic surgeon to the most delicate questions
The body after childbirth: 9 answers of a plastic surgeon to the most delicate questions

It so happens that after giving birth a year or more has passed, and the previous form does not return in any way. And it's not even about aesthetics, but about physical health.

According to statistics, about 80% of women after childbirth are unhappy with their body. “Nothing, it will be restored,” many think and waste time. Indeed, a lot can be restored with diets, regular exercise, massages and other long-known methods. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough willpower to do this, and sometimes these methods simply do not work for various reasons.

How to be? Get used to and live, limiting yourself in a certain freedom? Sex without light and under a blanket, closed not the most beautiful swimwear, clumsy sitting favorite dress, or even a complete change of wardrobe, a fold above the seam after a cesarean section that interferes with an active lifestyle, discomfort in the abdomen.

However, not always everything is limited to aesthetic changes. Sometimes postpartum consequences affect the physical level and every year weaken the female body.

In any case, a woman should have a choice - to endure or be healthy, accept herself as she is, or admire herself in the mirror. But in no case should you be negligent in matters of health.

We received honest answers to the most delicate questions about how modern technology can help a young mother from a leading plastic surgeon.

Women who are not too happy with the physical form after childbirth are increasingly turning to surgeons. But our mothers and grandmothers did quite well on their own and recovered. Is it really impossible to do without a scalpel?

Indeed, communication between young mothers and plastic surgeons is gradually becoming commonplace. Most often these are patients from 28 to 36 years old after one or two pregnancies, who take care of their health and want to be in good physical shape for a long time. The argument about the experience of mothers and grandmothers probably has a place to be, but medicine is developing, and women are more and more conscious of their body. In addition, we are talking about interventions for medical reasons and in cases where changes are strongly reflected in a woman's lifestyle and thinking.

Why not take advantage of new opportunities and prolong your youth, ensure your comfort? It's no secret that many young mothers after childbirth feel awkward and insecure even in their own bedroom, embarrassed to undress in front of their husband! Of course, not everyone is now deciding on a radical solution to problems, some are afraid, believing that this may have a bad effect on the course of future pregnancies. But these are all prejudices. Postpartum changes can and should be corrected surgically if they cause physical or aesthetic discomfort. In any case, you can come for a consultation and get first-hand information. It is possible that the surgeon himself will advise you to do plastic surgery, suggest alternative methods of recovery, and recommend another specialist.

After childbirth
After childbirth

The most typical postpartum features are sagging breasts, a decrease in its volume, deformation of the areoles and nipples, sagging abdomen, postpartum hernias of the anterior abdominal wall, diastasis (divergence) of the rectus abdominis muscles and fat deposits. The latter (diastasis) can have very adverse consequences if the problem is not addressed.

Diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles is a consequence of the fact that during pregnancy (due to the growth of the uterus with the baby), the abdomen enlarges, and this can cause various problems, including the difficulties of carrying during the next pregnancies. Often this also leads to a thinning of the muscle frame, which, in turn, increases the risk of herniation of the anterior abdominal wall. This is manifested by the protrusion of the abdomen above, below, or in the navel itself. To avoid this and correct it in time, it is necessary to resort to plastic. In this situation, alas, there is no reasonable alternative to surgical intervention.

Almost every second woman after childbirth is faced with diastasis of the straight abdominal muscles to one degree or another. Often, the surgeon examines the patient and comes to the conclusion that simple, well-known means can be dispensed with without resorting to surgery: it is enough to strengthen the muscles of the trouser press and wear a bandage. But with a significant discrepancy of the muscles, only surgical treatment will help.

If we are talking about breast plastic surgery, then only after the complete cessation of lactation. The hormonal balance should stabilize when the gland decreases to its usual size. Tummy tuck is possible a year after childbirth, when the muscles are toned and a real excess of tissue is visible.

After childbirth
After childbirth

In no case. On the contrary, it will make the result better. Indeed, during an abdominoplasty, the doctor strengthens the anterior abdominal wall and removes excess skin and fat that hangs down. But it is important to know that the next pregnancy can be planned no earlier than a year after the operation.

This is unreliable and unsubstantiated information. There are no contraindications to natural childbirth after tummy tuck.

Hanging over the scar after a cesarean section is not uncommon. But it can be successfully corrected with mini-abdominoplasty. This is a very simple procedure. It consists in the removal of an excess skin and fat flap and a tummy tuck without a navel transplant.

Many do not dare to make drastic changes, believing that postpartum plastic is available only to show business stars and successful business women. Is it really expensive?

These are qualified services of almost a jewelry nature, so really such an intervention cannot cost as much as a dinner in a cafe. But rumors about the excessive cost are also exaggerated.

First, you can always come to a consultation and get an idea of what can be done within the limits of what a woman can afford.

Secondly, many postpartum changes can be corrected without resorting to serious surgical interventions.

Thirdly, in case of correction of several zones at once (for example, chest and abdomen), you can get a good discount.

By the way, two-in-one operations are also good because all problems can be solved under one anesthesia at a time. The main thing is not to run into problems and consult a doctor in time in order to help nature elementarily.

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