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Night body care: what and how to use before bed
Night body care: what and how to use before bed

Take care of your skin and enjoy tenderness even at night? Give your body the most reverent care around the clock!

During the day, even the busiest of us manage to devote time to self-care, especially since undead body is not only healthy, but also very pleasant. But how to make sure that self-care and the struggle for cleanliness do not stop even at night? The answer is simple: trust nature!

Inspiration from nature

Everything in your bedroom should be conducive to relaxation and bliss. Make sure that you are surrounded only by objects made from natural materials. The best bed is linen, the most comfortable pajamas are silk, the warmest blanket is made of alpaca.

Getting ready for bed, apply creams containing natural oils to your body: peach, chamomile, apricot kernels. Also, get rid of synthetic fragrances in your bedroom - opt for an aroma lamp. Pour a composition of your favorite essential oils into it.

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Peace sounds

Even if you are crazy about the rhythms of the modern stage, the sounds of nature will help you tune in to rest before going to bed. Singing birds, the sound of the surf, rustling leaves - at first these sounds may seem rather strange to you in a city apartment. Believe me, gradually you will learn to feel real relaxation, imagining that you are on the seaside or on a lawn drenched in the evening sun.

The taste of happiness

It is very difficult to fall asleep if you are hungry or nervous. Of course, sooner or later you will fall into the arms of Morpheus, but the dream will be disturbing and will not bring full recovery of strength. Try a small cup of real cocoa shortly before bed. The same as your grandmother cooked for you: in fat milk, in a small saucepan. The taste of chocolate will make you feel happy, all worries will go away, and sleep will be deep.

If you're on a diet, go for chamomile tea. Chamomile is known for its soothing properties, moreover, it increases the body's resistance to infections. So with the help of a cup of fragrant chamomile flower tea, you will not only have a great night, but also fight off viruses!

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Filling with love

Perform a relaxing ritual before bed every night. Take a warm shower, read your favorite book, tell your loved ones how dear they are to you. Be sure to let your loved one take care of you: light touches, relaxing massage and gentle kisses will help you fall asleep completely happy.

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