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How to take care of your hands when it's cold outside: 3 easy rules
How to take care of your hands when it's cold outside: 3 easy rules

Winter is a difficult time for the skin of the hands, since there are virtually no sebaceous glands in this area, and the skin cannot protect itself from the aggressive environment on its own.

Due to its structure, the skin of the hands is rightfully considered one of the most vulnerable areas on the body. Therefore, it requires special care. Especially during the period when there is frost outside the window.

Important: if you do not protect your skin from low temperatures, it will become dry and begin to lose its elasticity. Remember, on the arms and neck, the first thing that is lost is the elasticity of the skin.

To keep the skin of your hands well-groomed, follow simple rules.

Less often my hands

to wash hands

Yes, in winter, try to wash your hands less often. And when you do this, use a natural moisturizing soap. And completely give up antibacterial soaps and products with aggressive surfactants.

The thing is that the antibacterial composition of the lathering agent will completely remove not only microbes from the hands, but also the protective layer. And to restore it, the skin will need more than 3 hours. Also remember that in winter the water for washing your hands should not be hot or cold, and contact with soap should not exceed 7 seconds.

Use cream


Remember to use the cream after every hand wash. It will soften the skin and create that very protective layer. Though artificial.

Yes, in winter it is extremely important to choose nourishing hand creams based on natural oils. Also try to choose foods that are free of glycerin and mineral oil in the base. These components can dry the skin at sub-zero temperatures.

Don't forget about the masks


Since in winter the skin of the hands is most susceptible to the negative influence of the external environment, do not forget to make masks for the skin of the hands twice a week.

You don't need to buy any special products for this - your face masks will do. It is best to use night masks that not only nourish and moisturize, but also regenerate the skin. This is very necessary for the hands in the winter.

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