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Double hit: how to enhance the effect of cosmetics in skin and hair care
Double hit: how to enhance the effect of cosmetics in skin and hair care

The effectiveness of care is influenced not only by a competent choice of products, but also by how you apply them.

Can't you see the result even from good cosmetics? We will tell you how to use your favorite products so that they work at full strength!

Face cream

If you apply facial products to dry or wet (immediately after washing) skin, its effectiveness immediately decreases. The best option is to use the cream on slightly damp skin. In this state, it absorbs everything like a sponge. And do not spare the product - you need it to cover the skin completely, you can blot the excess with a napkin. But in this way you will be completely sure that you will receive exactly as much food as you need.

Do you want to enhance the effect of the cream several times? Use a serum - paired with a cream, it works wonders, especially if the skin is dehydrated.

You can help the cream to absorb with a gentle massage, such as tapping with your fingertips. For better absorption, use thermal water to irrigate your face before applying the cream. Moisture tones the skin, cooling it, thereby activating metabolic processes.

face cream


Is your hair damaged after the summer or are you just addicted to irons and curling irons? Curls urgently need a savior - a good restorative remedy.

Use vitamins to make your shampoo more nutritious. For a wonderful cocktail, take a remedy for dry and damaged hair, add 4 drops of vitamins A and E and one ampoule of vitamins B6 and B12 to it (you can find them in the pharmacy).

Apply the mixture to hair, lather and rinse after five minutes. Follow with a moisturizing balm or mask. Store the rest of the product in a cool place.

Air conditioning

It is best to choose a rinse aid that works with your shampoo. Therefore, try to have at least one brand of funds. To make the air conditioner work at full capacity, I use a special technique. Before applying the product to damp hair, rub it in the palms of your hands - this will make it easier for you to evenly distribute it over the curls.

You can use a little more conditioner on the ends (which are usually the most affected) than on the entire length of your hair. Comb your curls with a comb with rare teeth and wash off the product first with warm, then cool water. The latter will help your hair shine.

Do not forget to cleanse your skin well - first from cosmetics, then again with foam or gel for washing. This will make your creams work better.

Hair Mask

Hair Mask

There are a couple of secrets on how to make a hair mask more active. First, make a scrub with ground coffee beans before washing your curls. Gently massage the product into the scalp for about five minutes, then shampoo your hair and apply the mask. So the beneficial substances are absorbed into the skin deeper and faster. If the curls are damaged, a few drops of argan oil or any other vegetable oil will enhance the regenerating properties of the product.

Apply the masks to damp hair - this way, their exposed scales are better for absorbing nutrients. And remember that keeping the mask on your head for more than 20 minutes (even if the package says that this is an express product) does not make sense. As well as doing it once a week. It will be much more effective to take a course of five masks, taken with breaks of three days between procedures.

Body lotion

All body products work best when the pores of the skin are open.Therefore, it is best to apply them immediately after a warm shower. Using body lotions or creams on dry skin is almost useless. Because during the time that has passed after the bath procedures, a film has formed on the skin - it is this film that prevents vitamins and beneficial substances from penetrating into the pores.

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