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Skin care in 10 steps or what is the secret of the "eternal" youth of Korean women
Skin care in 10 steps or what is the secret of the "eternal" youth of Korean women

Here are some important beauty secrets of Korean women that will transform your skin.

We love Korean cosmetics for the coolest new items and, of course, beautiful tubes, jars, bottles. To make it really effective, use it correctly by following this system.

Remove makeup

This is the most important step in skin cleansing. You can remove makeup with any means suitable for you - milk, two-phase remedy or micellar water. The main thing is to do it carefully, without stretching the skin.

  • Advice: To thoroughly remove mascara without damaging the delicate skin of the eyelids, moisten a cotton pad with water, apply a makeup remover to it and apply to the eyelashes for 30 seconds. Then swipe with a cotton pad - voila, the ink is completely removed.
girl removes makeup


What do you usually use for washing - foam or gel? But Korean beauties prefer hydrophilic oils. They cleanse the skin more thoroughly and gently. How to use it correctly:

  1. Apply oil to your fingertips.
  2. Rub it over your face while doing a gentle massage.
  3. Wet your hands and massage your face again.
  4. Wash off the resulting foam.

Use a scrub

Choose with the finest particles and acid content. It works best for teenage skin. Using the scrub, pay special attention to the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin. This is where the pores are most often clogged, leading to acne.

  • Advice: Use the scrub no more than 1-2 times a week. And if you have sensitive skin - once a month. When choosing a skin care system and products, first of all, be guided by your skin type and the result, which you then see in the mirror.

Tone and moisturize

Many consider tonic to be an optional part of their daily skin care ritual. But we really need it, because, firstly, it continues to cleanse the skin, and secondly, it moisturizes it and closes the pores.

  • Advice: When choosing a tonic, make sure that it does not contain alcohol! Otherwise, it will dry the skin, cause irritation and flaking.
girl looking in the mirror


The use of essences is not so popular among us. But in vain! They are very useful, as they actively nourish the skin, penetrating deeply into its balls.


Ampoules are an analogue of essences. Only the activity of their components is increased another 100 times. Such funds are usually used in a course. For example, for 10 days. Ampoules are special care products. They help to get rid of age spots, brighten the skin.


Korean masks are love. First, because they moisturize better than any other. Secondly, because they contain just an unrealistic amount of useful (and rare) components. And thirdly, their design! Have you tried these cloth wonder animal face masks? If not, fix it. And don't forget to take a funny selfie.

  • Advice: After putting the sheet mask on your face, use the product that was left in the body pack. Apply it to the décolleté and neck area.
girl makes a mask


The cream under the eyes will relieve you of bruises and swelling. Of course, provided that you also get enough sleep. To make it work more effectively, first heat the package in your hands. Then the components of the product will be better absorbed by the skin.


Choose any moisturizer - gel, cream, serum. And remember, the skin always requires particularly thorough hydration, even oily.

Night care

Yes, you have already applied moisturizer. But in Korea, they believe that one more layer will not be superfluous! Apply on top of it a product designed specifically for night skin care and go to the kingdom of Morpheus. In the morning your skin will shine and glow from the inside!

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