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Discipline VS Inspiration: How to Achieve What You Want
Discipline VS Inspiration: How to Achieve What You Want

Ways to develop self-discipline and be in the flow.

We are always fascinated by disciplined people: those who do not postpone what can be done today and come to meetings on time. Sometimes it seems that they are the ones who rule the world, because they do everything in time. But how can you become such if you are a creative person from birth? And planning is not yours at all.

For me, discipline started from this point: never put things off until later, even if you have a lot of free time in your daily routine. The most interesting thing begins when suddenly there are some super important and urgent matters, and what you thought to be in time - in the end you do not have time. And now the feelings of self-flagellation for what they did not do in advance are added to the feelings of being in time for everything … Therefore, it is better to avoid all these torments. Moreover, there is an amazing rule of two minutes. It says: what can be done in less than 2 minutes should be done now.

Irina Ermak
Irina Ermak

The habit is formed 21 days, according to the standard, and on the 14-15th day, the results are already noticeable. But how can you make your life easier? What other ways are there to develop self-discipline?

How to work on self-discipline

Wake up at the same time

Compliance with the daily routine is an important point. Self-discipline begins with him. Even on weekends, overcome yourself and get up in the morning in order not to break your biological rhythm. And the bed - it needs to be made right away.

Do it through force when you don't feel like it

And then you can praise yourself for your work done and praise yourself for every "tick" in your notebook and allow yourself to do what you previously limited. For example, I can even eat something sweet or allow myself to reply to a message on social media and watch the news feed (but quickly).

Set tight deadlines

Another way to make yourself work. I set aside time allotted for activities, for example, 20 minutes to complete the exercise. When you know that time is limited, you take on work with great enthusiasm and gradually get involved. You need to eat frogs in the morning, and elephants in parts;) well, you yourself know.

Irina Ermak
Irina Ermak

Write plans and lists. Regularly

More often than not, we don’t want to do anything because we don’t know how to do it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to describe step by step what needs to be done. Desirable with indication of time limits. This, again, disciplines.

Start off. Just get started, not shelved

As they say, this is already half the battle. Everyone has had a case: you put the book aside for a long time, and when you finally start reading it, you cannot stop. This is the case with most cases. Promise yourself to take, say, 10 minutes is not a lot. But when you start, there is a high probability that you will finish the job to the end without looking at the clock.

Self-discipline is the foundation for a successful life.

But inspiration is good, but, unfortunately, it is beyond time and points: it comes when it wants! Well, if it does come - grab and act, even at 3 am, because in the morning it will leave:)

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