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Talent, charisma or luck: how to become a personality that everyone will remember
Talent, charisma or luck: how to become a personality that everyone will remember

The most effective ways to boost your confidence.

“Don't look for the best, but look for your own. After all, the best will not always be yours, but yours will always be the best”, - Osho

We all strive for the ideal: some to a greater extent, and some to a lesser extent. And all in order to please other people: to have influence, respect, love, friendship. All this is impossible without inner strength - the energy with which we wake up, the energy that we then transmit to the world. Someone calls it confidence, I say that it is charisma.

A charismatic person always attracts people to him. Therefore, actors, singers, presenters are always distinguished by this quality. But the point is not always a unique gift, but a very specific set of skills that are inherent to some extent to everyone.

Qualities of a charismatic person

Ability to present yourself

Smiling, posture, gait - all these gestures, if balanced, convey your confidence without further ado.

Visual contact

Hold your gaze longer. Consider the other person's eye color. And do not be afraid of anything - looking into the eyes of a person when communicating with him, you show interest, and at the same time, you demonstrate a lack of fear, even if you have to suppress it.

Girl and boy
Girl and boy

Active listening

Listen to the person always. He will feel comfortable communicating with you if he is allowed to finish his thought. If you disagree with something - express your opinion. But enter the argument with dignity and without being personal.


For me, charisma is, first of all, empathy, and not just a set of qualities that help to communicate profitably with the world around you. Therefore, these methods may seem unexpected, but they definitely work.

So what do you do? How to pump these skills in yourself? There are three ways to develop charisma.

Method number 1. Improve your emotional intelligence

Track your emotions and identify what triggers them. Practice empathy: listen to other people, try to imagine yourself in their place, understand what they are experiencing.

Method number 2. React consciously, not automatically

See the world as if you are seeing it for the first time. In a literal sense - open your eyes wider and ask yourself more often the question “why?”. Dig deeper.

Irina Ermak
Irina Ermak

Method number 3. Work on expressiveness

Work hard on your speaking skills. Enrich your speech with metaphors, stories, contrasting examples.

To become a strong and bright personality, you need to walk a path. Yes, not easy. Yes, thorny. But those who want to be somewhere will definitely get there. Wherever you are now, whatever challenges you face, remember - you will overcome everything. All obstacles in your path are nothing compared to how much you want it. Every day you get better, and most importantly, you are getting closer to your goal!

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