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Men vs Women: The Psychology of Love, Family and Marriage
Men vs Women: The Psychology of Love, Family and Marriage

For me, a family is such a Wagon with good things, on which children ride, and the wheels are a Man and a Woman, it is always a couple … Children ride until they jump off.

If the wheels are not the same, if perceiving one wheel is more important than the other, more weighty, larger in size - how far will such a cart go? And can he, limping, rush through the bumps of life? More likely not than yes … But the wheels can be of different materials, different colors, with a different number of spokes or without them at all … We are together - because we are the same size, and not because we are the same!

There are no mismatches, no incompatible people

There are couples with different challenges in their lives! So think, dear man, before you take responsibility for a cart called "Family", but do you have a set of understandings of how everything works?.. Parents teach a lot, or at least our observation of them. Was everyone lucky with their parents? - not for everyone. As they say - they are not chosen. Rather, they choose, but not intellectually.

This means that the wisdom of building Families should be taught at school, at the university! Learn? - No. Only dry superficial information. The majority have to fill their own bumps, because the institution of ancestral wisdom has self-extinguished.

Where are the male elders who know what a Warrior Man is and pass on their experience to the younger ones ?! - they are not, they themselves are children of spiritually crippled generations. And where are our mothers-progenitors who share their wisdom with young girls and show with all their appearance what a Woman and Bereginya are ?! - they also need to be looked for with a magnifying glass in hand. I had to survive in difficult times, there was no time to study and memorize ancestral traditions. Now we are reviving everything bit by bit.

Let's agree on interaction, cooperation, spiritual development in pairs for our own sake and future generations! Let's explore such an important Difference!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - the phrase stopped by, and what differences do everyone remember, or is it more correct to say - everyone knows? Why do elderly grandmothers sit on benches and talk without doing anything, and what can you learn from them? Why do our grandfathers not just sit on the benches, but “do something”, playing chess, cards …? Why does men need sex to be a Man, and a woman needs attention to be a Woman? Why is a woman beautiful and healthy with one man, but ugly and sick with another? Why did a man stay with one woman and stay with one woman, and with the other a student for President? You can ask a million "why", or you can just learn the most important thing.

Where she has a fossa - he has a stick, and the point is not in anatomy

It is impossible to connect two identical parts together, but it is very easy to do this if the bulge of one falls on the bulge of the other. In other words - there is hardness for softness; strength - weakness; for consistency - irrationality; to action - inaction …

couple in love

Yin Yang

Women are Yin energy. Men are Yang energy. Without light you cannot know darkness, without cold you cannot appreciate warmth, without grief you cannot see joys … And then it is more interesting. Women are born with their own vessel of yin energy, a woman is born a full-fledged finished product, and within the framework of life, all that remains is not to spoil herself, not to switch to a masculine way of behavior, not to spend her energy supply and learn to replenish. And men are a preparation, they are born with a small amount of both feminine and masculine energy, and only within the framework of growing up, overcoming difficulties can they become Real, accumulate their Yang energy reserves, and turn into a Warrior. The more a man does Actions, the more he accumulates energy - Yang, the more he is a Man.The more a woman does, the less she is a Woman, if you do not simultaneously replenish your vessel with yin energy. Women feel this intuitively, so they devote time to self-care, good deeds, caring for neighbors and relatives, household chores - all this restores female energy!

A Man without a Cause is not a Man, but an ordinary writer. Yang energy is born only in action and overcoming obstacles! That is why women "push" their men to work, gently making it clear that it is natural for you; but for me - a lot of energy, I will be sick, I can not feed you and the circle will close.

He has intelligence, she has wisdom

A man needs a mind for specific goals - to earn, feed, provide. A woman needs wisdom to know the answers to a million questions.

A man is a car. Woman is fuel

Without fuel, a car will not go anywhere; without a car, fuel is of no use to move in the stream of life. And it's about energies!

God and Goddess

They do not become gods next to the victims. If men do not value their women, then they do not value themselves. If women don't value their men, then they don't value themselves either.

A man needs sex first, and then he will love; a woman first loves - and then goes to sex

A man in interaction with a woman receives the very sexual energy of creation and prosperity. Therefore, he is "hungry", he is "tense", he is "angry" if he does not get the proper amount. But here the thing is that the less a man works on himself and accumulates his energy by action, the more he needs from a woman. There is such a magical organ as the female uterus, which is able to transform negative into positive. Therefore, a woman goes to sex only with those who can fully compensate for her "work".

couple in love

A man who does not work on himself is a man without daily austerity, without spiritual development, without personal growth! If a man only takes, but does not compensate enough, the woman is sick, the woman is unhappy, the woman quickly empties her vessel. Therefore, gifts to women are just a small drop that a man can give! If a man has financial problems, then he treated his women badly (this includes mother, wife and daughter). If a man is not realized in society, then he is not realized in the family - his mother does not believe in him, his woman does not believe in him …

And this topic can be developed for a long time, but the essence remains the same - we are as different as you can imagine, but we are the same size and this is our Strength and Meaning! Of course, in every man there is a feminine and in every woman a masculine, and how to deal with it, how to live, and why it is there is a separate topic.

How do I know all this? - I am a woman, and I have been given the ability to know the answers to a million questions, but I cannot cope with such a simple thing as entering a burning hut and stopping a galloping horse …

Love and appreciate each other

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See you!

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