How to develop intuition and "third eye" on your own
How to develop intuition and "third eye" on your own

Intuition is a "sixth sense" that can help us find a solution to a situation and get on the right path.

Do you think intuition is for skeptics? You may be right. However, while you say that the “sixth sense” does not exist, there are a lot of people who develop their intuition and use it.

Here are 3 effective exercises to develop your intuition.


Take a deck of cards and draw several cards face down. Try to guess what cards you pulled out - color and suit. This exercise requires concentration and full attention, but it will help you develop your gut feeling.


Look inside yourself


Take care of yourself - turn your gaze inward and understand what your inner voice says. This can only be done in complete calmness, so try to devote at least 10 minutes a day to complete relaxation and calmness.

Get rid of unnecessary thoughts


If your head is full of unnecessary thoughts, then you are in constant stress and tension. And these are not the feelings that will allow you to develop your intuition.

Try to understand what your thoughts are superfluous and drive them very far from yourself.

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