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15 signs you're developing pride and how to get rid of it
15 signs you're developing pride and how to get rid of it

Insidious and cunning pride is a terrible quality, which, unfortunately, is far from always possible to recognize and eradicate in its early stages of education, and when it gains strength, things take on a completely different turn.

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of questions related to pride. Calling this quality an energy funnel, I am not exaggerating at all, this is exactly what it is.

What is pride, how to recognize and eradicate?

Pride is overconfidence, exaggeration of one's abilities, arrogance, arrogance, selfishness, ingratitude and megalomania that feed the big ego with false love.

First of all, pride manifests itself in relation to other people, but it has deep roots - this is the absence of gratitude in relation to the Creator. When a person forgets that he is only a guide and begins to think of himself as a “god,” pride overcomes him.

Very often, under the guise of love for oneself and others, pride is disguised; disguise pride under the guise of kindness and responsiveness; under the guise of holiness and spirituality, they disguise pride. And vice versa - the higher the level of development of a person, his soul, the purer the motives - the freer the personality from pride …

An enormous amount of energy is spent on internal friction and struggle, which is given for life, love, happiness and creation. Another portion of energy goes into the funnel of pride for constant proof of one's innocence. On distrust, doubts and double-checking of facts - still take away some of the energy. And what remains for a person in the end? Very little! And this small amount of energy also has to be defended, cherished, cherished, constantly feeling emptiness. Pride is the shortest path to loneliness, disease and poverty!

the girl speaks on the phone
the girl speaks on the phone

How to recognize the presence of pride that is disguised in you?

Highlight the most common markers.

  • all the time you divide people into camps - smart and stupid, educated and ill-mannered, cultured and uncivilized … And at the same time you get annoyed at clashes with "not your" camp.
  • criticizing others, you do not notice your own shortcomings.
  • you consider yourself better, cooler, faster than … and you try to demonstrate it in every possible way.
  • you appropriate all the achievements of your life only to yourself, not taking into account the influence of others, and showing ingratitude to God.
  • you are not able to genuinely rejoice at the success of others.
  • generosity is unknown to you. Or another bias - you are doing charity work, expecting praise and recognition.
  • it is difficult for you to admit your mistakes, to ask for forgiveness for them.
  • you do not love yourself, and by this you justify your hyper-claims to others.
  • you allow yourself to be manipulated and consumed, blackmail and intimidated, knowing about the weaknesses of others.
  • you shift the responsibility for your failures onto others, and you only take the rewards for yourself.
  • you are afraid of betrayal, so you don’t trust anyone.
  • you do not know how to forgive yourself or others.
  • your world is made up of "fears" and "problems".
  • the ease, joy and happiness of others annoys you, causes neglect, a sense of superiority.
  • I myself, I know, I can do anything, who you are to give me advice … - a list of thoughts of a proud man.

You can still continue. These are the main markers, but after reading the list, you realize that, alas, pride is inherent in each of us. We are not saints, we all have faults. But the way pride does it, no other vices complicate or destroy life!

Sometimes clients tell me: “Wait, but there are really a lot of idiots around me! And a bunch of unworthy cadres are sitting at work! Why am I worse than Stepanych? I'm smarter, I have two higher educations …! ". I hear such remarks regularly. And I begin to explain the difference between fixing something as a fact and pride! We are not vegetables, we have emotions, dignity and self-esteem. When pride within a person is under control, then, firstly, there is no criticality, and secondly, there is no desire or need to divide people into camps. There is an understanding and fixation of facts! There is integrity! Understanding that if I have this, then for some reason I do not yet deserve another.

Filter - if something enrages and clings you - you are under the influence of pride! If you, noticing everything in the world, remain calm and are in the comfort zone, there is no pride.

You know, as it happens, what he suffered or was ill with is most striking in those around him. Here I have it with pride. Sinful - I repent. She carried around with herself, as with a written sack, disdainfully treated those who know less, or think differently. When pride worked, people lined up, an awareness of their merits came, but in the spirit of the work of a guide, who is blessed for action by higher forces; the intellectual delusional disappeared and there was a huge gratitude to the loved ones, to the relatives, at least for the fact that for a long time they endured my desire to “do good” to everyone.

What did I do in the fight against pride?

First, she acknowledged its existence. This is almost the most important step. Until you name a problem, you cannot get rid of it. And then the path of healing appeared.

There is no truth where there is categorization! Multivariance is God's choice; categorical is the way of the devil.

Practicing condescension towards others was useless until criticality towards yourself was worked through!

When I hear the phrases: "Yes, I am even more critical of myself than the others!" But this byaka, this turd is treated, believe me!"

Simple but important ways to combat pride

  • love yourself completely and completely, if for this you need to forgive a bunch of people from the past and present - do it, forgive and accept! If you don’t know how, you don’t know how - come and teach!
  • study the laws of karma - this will allow you to understand everything that happened and is happening, get rid of anxiety and empty expectations. Develop spiritually constantly, and not in the form of going to church on Easter and Christmas. Spiritual hygiene is just as important as your rituals with brushing your teeth and washing your hair.
  • keep a gratitude diary and write in it everything that you can remember from childhood connected with other people - my mother gave birth to me, fed me, brought up, raised me …; father worked a lot, was around, sincerely tried to teach something that he considered right, took it on a fishing trip, or did not take it, and thank God; grew up in the circle of brother and sister, not alone, learned to play, negotiate, share; or I didn't have a mom and dad, but there was a circle of like-minded people, orphanages, with whom I learned to cooperate, and on New Year's Eve they served an apple pie … Remember your points and write them down. Believe me, if every day even mentally record gratitude to your environment, then life is already changing for the better!
  • control your inner critic! If you still find the reasons for your problems in other people, then you have not taken responsibility for your life upon yourself! No circumstances can cause hopeless grief and disappointment in people and in life. None! Suffering is undoubtedly easier than being happy. But without the eradication of pride, happiness will not come, believe me!
  • think, feel and do always the same! Sometimes people are selective. Here I am without pride, but with those people I cannot, they are homeless people, gypsies, Muslims … substitute anything. If you have declared your honesty, then be kind - prove it with action! I am friends with Vitya, because Vitek is also an entrepreneur, and I have nothing to talk about with Vaska, a classmate, he is a security guard, what can I get from him! "(And you can talk to anyone, and there is a topic, there would be a desire!). Or another option: “I will love and care for you, Dina, if you wear a red dress every day, and if you don’t do this, then don’t wait for love” - there is a convention here, about any “and in illness and in health "speech can no longer go. Pride makes you customize the environment and the world for yourself!
the girl speaks on the phone
the girl speaks on the phone
  • learn to love! Just learn to love and enjoy years, months, days, minutes, seconds, moments … Do not rush with your dreams in anticipation of happiness, but be here and now in your reality, created by yourself. Learn to love it! It is the Loving heart that distinguishes the proud person from the unhappy one in the crowd.
  • respect the work of everyone, the choice of everyone, the path of everyone! Do you think you can do better? Do not criticize - but show and teach. Share, do not impose!
  • be generous, give before, expect and want! Give others more than you expect in return. Just stop expecting and being afraid that they will ride you - if you have done everything described above - it is not possible to ride you! You are the source of love, you are happiness, you are prosperity and abundance, you are a particle of God … how can you ride on God?
  • when you are thanked for something and you are afraid to become proud again, remember that right tomorrow the Creator can take everything away from you! Or right now. And also play gratitude snowballs! When you are thanked for something, you take this gratitude, mentally make snowballs out of it and throw it to your teachers and mentors, your loved ones … Believe me, they will even feel like something good is flying in them.

And more … Pride is actually a clot of concentrated weakness, vulnerability of the soul, wounded by the experience of past incarnations and this reality. Therefore, sometimes there is a need to work on the incarnation memory in order to make your life easier.

Do you want to improve the world ?! Save him, dear ones, from yourself - from your anger, your laziness, your criticism, apathy, from your pride …

I wish everyone courage and perseverance in dealing with their shortcomings. I also invite you to my free marathon, which will start on 09.09.2020 "Anger, I am no longer mad at you", because anger and resentment are also a consequence of pride.

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