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TOP 3 Wet Premium Cat Foods: 2021 Ranking
TOP 3 Wet Premium Cat Foods: 2021 Ranking

Premium quality complete wet food for cats has a well-balanced composition and can be used as independent food.

But usually the owners alternate dry and wet cat food, canned food is given in one feeding, and granules in another. Dry food is cheaper, and canned food for cats has a more attractive taste, and they are often used as a treat, a delicacy to pamper a pet and diversify its diet.

How to choose wet cat food

The main forms in which wet cat food is produced are spiders and jars. Both types of packaging can contain chunks in sauce, jelly or a homogeneous mass (pate, mousse).

When choosing wet food for cats, you need to pay attention to what age it is intended for, and to which line it belongs. Wet food of premium class is usually divided into basic and specialized (for the prevention of health problems), many manufacturers additionally offer a line of gourmet foods for cats that are particularly demanding on the taste of food.

The class of feed is also important. The wet food for cats, the rating of which is presented in this article, belongs to the premium class. This is the golden mean, food of decent quality at an affordable price, they are well balanced, have a high nutritional value. Super-premium feeds are more expensive because they are made from more expensive varieties of meat and fish, selected pieces, and contain more valuable additives. In the economy category, the ratio of animal to herbal ingredients does not quite meet the needs of cats, there are fewer health additives.

When choosing, you need to carefully study the composition, paying attention to the following points:

  • the total percentage of animal products. The higher the better;
  • what types of meat (fish) are included in the feed. This information will help you choose a diet based on your pet's taste preferences;
  • other ingredients (cereals, vegetables). Important as a source of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, fiber;
  • what functional (vitamins, minerals, omega-acid, amino acids) and technological additives (flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers) the feed contains. The best feeds have a rich set of functional additives, and technological additives in premium and higher class feeds should be only natural;
  • nutritional value, percentage of protein and fat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Cat Food

Wet food has many benefits:

  • natural taste, smell, texture;
  • high fluid content, due to which the cat does not suffer from thirst, the concentration of urine decreases, the load on the urinary system;
  • high content of meat products;
  • a variety of flavors allows you to choose food for demanding, pampered pets;
  • soft foods are suitable for kittens, elderly cats and animals with loose teeth and bleeding gums.

Relative disadvantages:

  • open wet food is not subject to long-term storage. Since the food is portioned, the contents of the sachet are usually eaten immediately;
  • in the process of eating wet food, the teeth are not cleared of plaque, but for these purposes, the cat can be given dry food, tough treats.

The main real minus is the higher price in comparison with dry food.

TOP-3 premium wet food for cats: Rating 2021

Premium rations are good value for money. This category includes food brands Sheba, Club 4 Paws, Felix. Under each brand, several lines of wet food are produced, the selection lines from Club 4 Paws, Sheba Selection and Felix Sensations are included in the TOP of wet food for cats. These are all chunks in gravy / jelly food, but it should be understood that chunks in a title does not necessarily mean whole chunks of meat. Pieces can consist of a mixture of meat and / or fish, offal, cereals, the ratio of ingredients varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Sheba selection

A range of wet food in the form of chunks in gravy. Today it includes 5 feeds - chicken, salmon, ocean fish, poultry, chicken and beef. Chicken and Beef Chunks in Sauce is one of the best rations in this line. Its features:

  • 8.5% protein, 5% fat;
  • 44% meat and meat ingredients, including 4% beef;
  • contains cereals;
  • enriched with minerals.
Sheba selection
Sheba selection

The price of a bag weighing 85 g is 16-18, 35 UAH.

Club 4 Paws Premium Selection

A line for demanding pets from 4 rations. Most of the feeds in this line are distinguished by a high content of meat or fish of 2 varieties (rabbit and turkey, chicken and veal, herring and herring), the only exception is the feed "Pieces of Veal in Vegetable Sauce". We have included Chicken and Veal Chunks in Jelly in the rating of wet cat food. Its features:

  • 8.5% protein, 5% fat;
  • 80% consists of meat and meat ingredients, including 27% chicken and 9% veal;
  • contains cereals, vegetable protein extracts and a complex of 4 natural vegetables and fruits in dried form - banana, hawthorn, tomato, ginger (INTEGRAMIX);
  • enriched with a complex of omega acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids.
Club 4 Paws Premium Selection
Club 4 Paws Premium Selection

The price of 1 sachet weighing 80 g varies in the range of 11-11, 55 UAH.

Felix Sensations

Feed in the form of pieces of meat, fish ingredients in sauce or jelly. The range includes turkey and bacon, beef and tomato, salmon and shrimp, duck and spinach. All feeds in the line contain both meat and meat products, as well as fish and fish by-products, as well as vegetable proteins. The composition of the feed "With beef and tomatoes in jelly":

  • 11.5% protein, 2.5% fat;
  • 19% meat and meat products, including 4% beef;
  • vegetable protein extracts;
  • fish and fish offal;
  • 4% tomatoes;
  • minerals, vitamins.
Felix Sensations
Felix Sensations

The price of a bag weighing 100 g is 10-11.5 UAH.

Feed pros Minuses
Club 4 Paws Selection

Highest content of meat and meat ingredients

Contains 2 types of meat

Rich set of functional supplements (vitamins, minerals, glycine, taurine, omega 3 and 6 acids)

INTEGRAMIX Formula for Comprehensive Health Support

Natural antioxidant (mixture of tocopherols) extends the shelf life of an open package up to 48 hours

The best price-to-composition ratio

The smallest package size is 80 g.
Sheba selection

Fairly high content of meat and meat ingredients

Contains 2 types of raw meat

Contains minerals

There is no information about vitamins in the composition

No vegetables

Contains sugar

The highest price is from 16 UAH. for 85 g

Felix Sensations

Highest protein content - 11.5%

Varied composition - contains meat and fish products, vegetables

Contains vitamins and minerals

The largest package volume - 100 g, the best price-to-weight ratio

The content of meat and meat ingredients is lower than in other feed

Contains sugar

The best wet food for cats with gourmet flavors

The lines of wet food Sheba Selection, Felix Sensations, Selection from Club 4 Paws are distinguished by a good composition, they all contain animal products, but in different quantities. The undisputed leader in the content of meat and meat ingredients is Club 4 Paws, so the performance of Selection feed is at least twice as high as that of other brands. The common virtue of all the feeds included in the rating is their attractive flavors. The spiders are quite expensive, for the price they can rather be attributed to the premium plus segment, so they can be recommended to owners who want to pamper their pets with tasty things and are ready to pay a couple of hryvnias more for a tasty and healthy delicacy.

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