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Halloween movies: 4 best options for a festive atmosphere
Halloween movies: 4 best options for a festive atmosphere

Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of a "spooky" holiday? Then watch these films.

In America, the popularity of Halloween is so strong that even in the cinema, this event has a separate niche. The genre was pioneered by the renowned master of horror films John Carpenter with his 1978 film "Halloween" of the same name. Even then, she became a real hit. Now there are a lot of different films that will help you create a special atmosphere of this eerie, but at the same time very colorful holiday.


If you're ready for a horror movie, this one will surprise you. The story tells of students who decide to have some fun in an abandoned hospital on Halloween night. Of course, no entertainment awaited them. But instead of them - an ominous labyrinth, zombie doubles, ghosts and a mysterious ghost of a nurse.

Film "Boo"

"Trick or Treat", 2007

The film is four related scary stories that happened on Halloween in one of the American towns. They are united by one creature named Sam - a mysterious figure in orange shabby pajamas and a bag on his head.

Wallet or life

Hocus Pocus, 1993

Not all Halloween movies have to be horror movies. For example, "Hocus Pocus" is good old fantasy for horror fans. It talks about the insidious sisters of the Sanderson witches, who are destined to rise again 300 years after the execution for witchcraft, so they will have to get used to modern customs.

Hocus pocus movie

Monster House

You live like this, and suddenly one day you discover that the house next door is not a house at all, but, simply put, a monster. A colorful and interesting cartoon that will give you not fear, but a really festive mood.

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