4 diabetes myths everyone believes in
4 diabetes myths everyone believes in

It would seem that everything has already been said about diabetes.

But how much information is actually just delusion! Find out about the most popular such myths from our article.

Myth 1: diabetes is a hereditary disease that cannot be avoided

Truth: Type 1 diabetes is actually genetically transmitted. But type 2 diabetes is more serious - it manifests itself due to other reasons. For example, age - more often this disease occurs in people over 40. Another common cause is overweight. With a body mass index over 25, your chances of getting diabetes are more than high.

diabetes myths

Myth 2: people with diabetes gain a lot of excess weight

Truth: completely wrong! Obesity, as mentioned above, is the cause of diabetes, not the result. Quite the opposite is often the case with severe weight loss.

Myth 3: you can get diabetes if you eat a lot of sweets

Truth: here it is, as it were, the truth, and no. Indeed, in fact, diabetes mellitus develops not so much because of sweets, but because of their quantity.

diabetes myths

Myth 4: diabetics are almost disabled

Truth: In fact, people with diagnosed diabetes can safely lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Yes, they have to deal with a number of difficulties - for example, the very slow healing of wounds and cuts. However, in many ways, the life of a diabetic is in no way inferior to the usual one.

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