How to strengthen the immune system to fight ARVI and keep it in good shape: 4 simple steps
How to strengthen the immune system to fight ARVI and keep it in good shape: 4 simple steps

On sick leave due to acute respiratory infections, it takes one year of life. But whether you catch a cold depends not so much on weather conditions as on the state of immunity.

To preserve your health and 365 days of your life, start strengthening your body. If you are sick with colds more than 5 times a year, get tired quickly and are prone to stress - it's time to sound the alarm and restart the immune defense mechanism.

Change your diet

A lack of one nutrient in the body can lead to a weakening of the entire immune system. Therefore, the food should be varied. Nutritionists identify five foods that can boost your immune system: red meat, mushrooms, tea, sweet potatoes, and yogurt. Also, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink kefir - it contains active bifidocultures. Only 150 g of kefir or yogurt per day can significantly reduce the risk of colds.

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Introduce almonds into your diet - the best natural source of amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. Zinc is also useful for her - it is contained in grains, sprouted wheat.

Is coffee a taboo?

Reconsider your attitude to coffee - 5 or more cups a day slows down the immune system's defenses. Also, do not overuse foods that contain refined sugar.

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Take tinctures

For the prevention of colds, systematically take tinctures of ginseng, lemongrass, echinacea and multivitamins.

Increase physical activity

This will strengthen the immune system and help your body fight infections. Move more, do exercises in the morning, sign up for the pool. Learn to rest and get enough sleep. Try to be less nervous, because the main destroyer of the immune system is constant stress.

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