5 subtle reasons why you overeat
5 subtle reasons why you overeat

Learn to identify them and you will never feel heaviness in your stomach!

A familiar feeling: everything seems to be going well, you eat the right and tasty food, and then you throw yourself on a plate of spaghetti so much that you cannot get up from the heaviness in your stomach. Why do we keep eating when we are full and cannot stop?

There are several reasons.

You were on a diet

The body has its own memory, which is why nutritionists do not advise to sit on rigid diets, express diets and fasting days. Remembering hunger, we, against our real desires, strive to gorge ourselves for the future, and we discover this already when we overeat.

What to do: give up hard diets. All nutritionists recommend eating varied and plenty.

This is not what you wanted

If instead of a cake you eat cottage cheese with berries, then all satisfaction does not come. You can overeat both cottage cheese and berries, which in calories will be much more than a piece of cake. At the same time, the cake is not overwhelming for you.

What to do: eat what you want.


You forbid yourself what is harmful

For a long time forbidding yourself to do something, you begin to dream about it, because the forbidden fruit is sweet. As a result, when control decreases: you have a food breakdown, or, on the contrary, you want to reward yourself with food for something good, you eat so much that is forbidden, so that you go to waste.

What to do: do not prohibit your products, perhaps just cut back on their quantity.

You do not know how to refuse

It may be such that overeating does not depend on some internal reasons, but depends on external ones. Coming to your mother, grandmother, during a feast with friends, it is uncomfortable for you to refuse food that is persistently offered to you.

What to do: you should not sacrifice your health so as not to offend someone, even if it is the closest person. Once you learn to refuse, you will see that soon everyone will not take the refusal personally.


You're stressed

Food relaxes us, because more often than not people are used to eating stress. But when you overeat, stress only intensifies: it adds a sense of guilt for what you have eaten, which is also seized. This is a difficult vicious circle that leads to the most severe overeating.

What to do: try to find other ways to deal with stress. Try a few and find the one that's right for you.

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