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Beauty trends created by the pandemic: features of face and body care in 2021
Beauty trends created by the pandemic: features of face and body care in 2021

2020 has made major adjustments to the trends in the consumption of cosmetics.

Some of the beauty trends were driven by the pandemic itself, and some by restrictions on access to cosmetics stores and beauty salons that were introduced to counter the spread of COVID-19.

So let's take a look at some of the most recent beauty trends.

Skin care is flourishing

Skin care has become very popular lately. In fact, facial skin care products make up about 19% of the beauty industry as a whole. This is partly due to the desire for glowing skin without the need for makeup and the obsession with preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging. Many people consider the practice of skin care to be therapeutic, so this has contributed to its popularity as well. Healthy and well-groomed skin is already a real cult and trend!

Manufacturing companies pick up the growing demand and begin to expand their assortment, creating series of care for various skin types. People with sensitive, oily, dry and combination skin can now find products that suit their needs. The popularity rating is topped by moisturizers, cleansing serums, and exfoliators.

The demand for products containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamin C has grown. At the same time, the age of consumption of cosmetics has grown significantly younger. It has become fashionable to care for the skin of the face and body from a much younger age than before. Now all the fairer sex dream of beautiful, radiant young skin and use the highest quality products without harmful components.

Many global cosmetic brands of decorative cosmetics are massively changing direction towards products for the care of face and body skin. Decorative cosmetics are no longer in such demand as they were several years ago, forcing major brands to close or rebrand.

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Salon skin care at home

Since beauty salons and beauty clinics were closed for several months during 2020, people began to pamper themselves regularly at home with self-care treatments. This has caused an increased demand for home peels, all kinds of masks, cleansers and complex kits for face and body skin care.

Body care products including nail kits, body waxing, hair dye boxes and face kits have become more popular. Shaving and hair removal orders increased 97% in 2020 and nail supplies up 175%.

Popularization of such products by bloggers on social media, YouTube review videos and home care tutorials have all increased the demand for home treatments.

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The naturalness of cosmetics has become an important factor that consumers began to pay attention to. People are becoming more and more aware of what they put on their faces and their bodies. This is due to the realization that most beauty products are loaded with unwanted chemicals and fillers. These ingredients are hazardous to both the person using them and the environment.

Therefore, home care, as the most natural and safe, attracts more and more attention and becomes interesting for the consumer. Salon procedures at home remain at the peak of popularity to this day. Despite the fact that many beauty clinics have opened long ago, people continue to pamper themselves with home care.

The trend that created protective masks

Wearing face masks for an extended period of time often causes dry skin, irritation, inflammation and acne. This has increased the demand for moisturizers and serums, care products for irritated, sensitive and problem skin.

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In the Top Popularity are products for washing with salicylic acid, lotions and creams with peroxide, serums with niacyamide and zinc, suspensions and emulsions for the emergency fight against inflammation and acne. And all this is now used not only by teenagers, but also by people of all ages.

In addition, wearing masks forces you to change your usual makeup options. As the masks cover the face from the nose down, the eyes and eyebrows come to the fore. Now in the top of popularity are products for activating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, mascara, eyeliner, pencils and eyebrow shadows. At the same time, eyeshadows are no longer so popular, since fashion trends in makeup are aimed at naturalness and naturalness, and the trend is the effect of "makeup without makeup".

Moisturized, well-groomed lips are the trend of 2021

Although liquid matte lipsticks are very comfortable during the period of forced wearing of masks, they leave lips dry and dehydrated. Creamy lipsticks, which do not dry the lips and have a variety of colors, are uncomfortable and incompatible with wearing masks - they are imprinted and smeared over the face.

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Moisturizing balms, plumpers, liquid glosses of neutral shades, colorless lipsticks with an emerging tint effect, slightly refreshing the color of their own lips are becoming a trend. And light, barely sparkling lip glosses will also be the trend for summer 2021.

Scalp and hair care

Cleansing and hair care has never been so thorough and iconic. People began to be especially careful and careful in choosing hair and scalp care. Nowadays, natural products are at their peak, which not only cleanse the hair, but also stimulate healthy hair growth, minimize dryness, prevent breakage and improve scalp health.

Popular products include scalp detoxification, moisturizing masks, cleansing scrubs and hair growth-promoting serums.

Sulfate-free and paraben-free natural shampoos also hit the top spot. This is the best option for those looking after hair health. Such products cleanse the scalp using natural ingredients in the composition. They work much softer and more delicate, preventing hair breakage and dryness. They do not irritate the scalp and are suitable for daily use.

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Moisturizing hand sanitizers

While hand sanitizers are generally not considered cosmetic products, cosmetic companies have taken the initiative to add hand sanitizers to their product lines. Because alcohol is the main ingredient in effective hand sanitizers, these products can leave your hands dry and chapped with continued use.

This is why moisturizing hand sanitizers have created a 2520% growth in business opportunity in 2020. Several major cosmetic companies have created formulas that maintain adequate levels of disinfectants, including moisturizing ingredients. New generation products leave hands soft and nutritious to meet this growing demand.

The companies offer hand sanitizers based on glycerin, aloe vera and vitamins.Therefore, sanitizers now not only protect against bacteria with an efficiency of up to 99%, but also take care of the skin of the hands. Despite the higher price, such sanitizers are very popular.

Beauty Trends

What new products will the beauty industry bring us in 2021?

  • protective face masks with antibacterial coating;
  • permanently pigmented liquid moisturizing lip gloss;
  • liquid blush that does not print on the protective mask;
  • liquid natural matte eyeshadow;
  • plant based false eyelashes
  • manual exfoliating and cleansing brushes for the face;
  • natural shampoos that stimulate hair growth.

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