7 cool female comedies for a good evening
7 cool female comedies for a good evening

What to see with your friends when you finally decided to get together in the evening?

Women's comedy is a separate art form that can evoke a variety of emotions in us. We all adore them, so we are constantly looking for new romantic and interesting comedies that we could watch on a pleasant evening with our friends.

We have found for you the best women's films about women that you can watch in a women's company.



The 2019 film "Lovers" is a story about three girls. They are a nurse, an actress, and a student who have only the status of mistresses in common.

However, the beauties are tired of this state of affairs and they decide to take revenge on men and help all girls.

Quite interesting and life-affirming in fact.

Actively looking


The painting "Actively Seeking" 2016 is another romantic, but very high quality story. The main character Alice cannot cope with parting with her lover and start a new life.

The girl goes through the stage of dating, parties and other things that do not help her to fill the spiritual emptiness. She finds meaning in something else.

First Wives Club


And this is The First Wives Club, a 1996 film that still looks very modern and stylish.

The main characters are Brenda, Cynthia and Elise. They were friends in their youth, but after they got married and parted. But everything changed when her husbands decide to leave each of her friends. And then it started.

American divorce


The 2006 comedy American Divorce with Jennifer Aniston is already a classic.

The main character Brooke presents to her infantile boyfriend Gary that he does not love and appreciate her.

The girl wants to break up with her boyfriend, but with one goal - he must miss her. However, simple manipulation turned into a real war of the sexes and twists and turns. And this is very interesting!

He, me and his friends


The period from 2004 to 2007 was the real century of romantic comedies. The 2006 film He, Me and His Friends, starring Kate Hudson, is another classic.

The main characters Karl and Molly want to formalize their relationship and live a quiet seed life. But a friend of the Dupree family does not allow them to do this, becoming the third odd unnamed guest in their life. For a long time.

Visiting Alice


And this is another touching and life-affirming story. “At Alice's House,” with Reese Witherspoon, tells the story of Alice, 40, who is going through a difficult divorce and a midlife crisis.

The girl brings up two daughters on her own and tries to be a real good mother. But that all changed when she went to a bar and met three young men. She invites these three novice screenwriters to live at her place, but she does not know what it will turn out to be.

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