How to stand in a plank to lose weight: execution technique
How to stand in a plank to lose weight: execution technique

The plank is the best exercise for working out different muscle groups at the same time. Fast, relatively uncomplicated, and mega-efficient. Join the planners club.

Time spent in the plank will never be wasted! At the same time, you need very little of it. Just a few sets a day for one to two minutes is enough for your figure to acquire more attractive relief outlines.

After all, the plank is a universal exercise that allows you to train all muscle tissues at once: the muscles of the abdomen, legs, buttocks, back, shoulder girdle and arms. Start with a few seconds at the base plank, gradually increasing the load.

How to make a weight loss bar


The closer they are to each other, the greater the load on the abdominal muscles. Keep your feet together for maximum effect.


Performing the classic plank, straighten your knees and tense your thighs and lower legs as much as possible.


Should be on the same level with the legs and body: do not push them up and do not "fall" down, keep them in constant tension during the exercise. This will put more stress on the gluteus muscles and activate all of the core muscles.

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Small of the back

The lumbar spine is under a lot of stress when doing the plank, so a straight back is a key element of correct technique. Keep your back straight, not allowing any rounding or sagging.


Tighten your stomach as much as possible without stopping breathing normally.


Place your elbows under your shoulders, point your hands in the center towards each other, place your palms on the floor or clench them into fists. Keep in mind that the body needs to be supported mainly by turning on the muscles. Hands and feet are just light support.

This exercise cannot get boring, since it has many options: frontal (basic) plank, side plank, inclined plank, in dynamics, on balance, on a ball, etc.

Basic weight loss plank: how to do it

The nuances of the front plank are described below. Stay in it until the first tremors appear in the body (at least 45 seconds).

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Slimming belly side plank: how to do it

From a lying position on your side, raise your pelvis so that your shoulders, torso and legs are in line. Lock in by tightening your abs and glutes. Feet can be put one on top of the other.

On balance

From the side plank, raise your hand up. In the basic version, you can raise the opposite arm and leg.

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