Lose weight effortlessly: 7 reasons to start Nordic walking
Lose weight effortlessly: 7 reasons to start Nordic walking

More and more often on the streets there are people walking busily with two ski-like sticks. But skiing is only partly involved here, because we are talking about Scandinavian walking.

From Finnish this sport literally translates as "walking with sticks", and from the outside it looks like that, but you probably won't believe that such a walk is practically tantamount to a real activity in the gym! So what makes Nordic walking so attractive?

Burns more calories than you think

In an hour at a normal pace, a person burns about 250-300 calories. Armed with sticks, during the same time the body will need … up to 700 calories! The difference is more than tangible.

nordic walking

Doesn't require excessive effort

The reason Nordic walking is loved by people of all ages is because it is so easy to do. The exercise is so smooth that the heartbeat speeds up without sudden changes, which is why walking with poles is so appreciated by the elderly and those with diabetes.

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Indispensable for the heart

Nordic walking is recognized as one of the best ways to heal and strengthen your heart. Moreover, even running is inferior to her at this point.

Trains 90% of the muscles

90% is a fantastic number. For comparison, 40% of the muscles are involved in running. And all thanks to the intensive work with the hands, which is absent in running.

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You will start to seem taller

Yes, posture problems are effectively dealt with with pole walking. After all, it is physically impossible to practice this technique with a stooped back, which is why the habit of keeping the royal posture will gradually develop.

The most suitable sport after injury

Problems with the musculoskeletal system often prevent people from actively participating in sports, and in such cases, Nordic walking is an indispensable assistant, which, after serious injuries, will gradually raise you to your feet in the literal sense of the word.

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Available at any time of the year

Nordic walking would not bear its northern name if it could not be practiced all year round and under any conditions. And also, the equipment for her takes up so little space that you can carry it with you literally everywhere and always stay in shape.

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It is important to remember that half the success depends on choosing the right sticks for your height! Otherwise, there will be little benefit from the lesson. And the second half of success depends only on your desire.:)

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