5 rules for how to eat after 30 so as not to gain weight
5 rules for how to eat after 30 so as not to gain weight

It's not a secret for anyone that 30 years is the milestone when not only summing up the first results of life, but willy-nilly wondering what to change in nutrition and care.

Our body is so created that after 30 years even the fastest metabolism begins to slow down. If 5 years ago you could easily eat pizza at night and this did not affect your figure in any way, then after 30 everything can change.

In order not to solve the problem of excess weight later, it is easier to prevent it. And nutrition, of course, plays a key role in this.

A lot of protein


Protein plays a key role in nutrition after age 30. This is very important in order for the figure to be firm. It's no secret that protein is responsible for muscle mass. In addition, it helps to reduce body fat.

Therefore, make sure that you have enough protein in your diet. We are talking about lean meat, fish, eggs. In meals after 30, protein should be present at lunchtime, as well as at dinner.

Correct fats

Fats after 30

Many girls in an attempt to lose weight completely give up fat. It is not right. The female body needs fats in order to function properly. And their complete absence will negatively affect not only the complexion, but also the health in general.

Be sure to keep vegetable oils in your diet. But it's better to forget about fatty dairy products and butter.



Everyone knows that for health and good looks, you need to eat vegetables. However, as practice shows, in the diet of most modern people, their presence is very small.

After 30 years, special attention should be paid to this item, because vegetables are a source of fiber, which is very important for a beautiful figure. In particular, eat salads, add vegetables to scrambled eggs and other familiar dishes.

Sweet question


What girl doesn't like sweets? Sweet loves practically everything. It should be remembered that after 30 any extra piece of sweets can be deposited on the sides.

This does not mean that you need to forget about the chocolates. From now on, you just have to control the time when you allow yourself desserts. Nutritionists say, if you wanted something sweet, eat it before 12 noon. And of course, control your portions. Then it won't affect your hips in any way.



Analyze your diet. Most likely, you do not have it: you eat when it is possible. After 30, you will have to forget about this option.

As nutritionists say, diet is the foundation of everything. You need to eat often, in small portions, so that the metabolism works quickly. Remember, 5 meals a day after 30 is a prerequisite for a beautiful figure.

At the same time, you need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast, carbohydrates and proteins for lunch, and proteins for dinner. As snacks, you can and should use fruits and nuts (preferably in the morning), as well as low-fat dairy products.

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