5 most common mistakes during fasting days
5 most common mistakes during fasting days

Fasting days are very useful, but only if you organize them correctly.

We have all heard about fasting days and their effectiveness for the stomach and weight loss. But it will be useful only if you organize them correctly.


The right fasting day is not fasting, but calorie reduction. You should not completely deprive yourself of food - just cut calories, for example, by half.

Physical exercise

Yes, if you decide to organize a fasting day for yourself, then during this period it is better not to play sports. The fact is that due to restriction of nutrition, your body will not receive enough energy, which is needed for exercise. Therefore, you will not do better, and even worse, since the load on the heart, nausea, and weakness is possible.

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Fasting days can be arranged no more than one a week, and even this is not necessary. If more often, you will stress the body and may even disrupt the metabolism.

During illness

It often happens that girls spend their fasting day according to the schedule - on the same day every week. But if it suddenly happens that on this day you are sick or just feel bad, it is better to cancel it. You are great for following the regime, but if your body is weak, it needs more energy. Also, it is not recommended to spend a fasting day during PMS.

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Abrupt transition

If you regularly ate incorrectly, and then suddenly decided to spend a fasting day or even a few, then you should know - it will be worse. Your body is not used to such a system and requires food. Before you practice fasting days, switch to proper nutrition and exclude unhealthy foods from your diet. It is also not recommended to do a fasting day after a large feast. Better to do it every other day.

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