How to conduct a successful interview and not lose to the interlocutor: the experience of Tatyana Goncharova
How to conduct a successful interview and not lose to the interlocutor: the experience of Tatyana Goncharova

Interviewing is a tool that any of us should own. Do you want to argue? When you go on a date, you ask questions and you want to hear the answers - honest, truthful. You probe the admirer, you try to get to know him. What is this if not an interview?

Today we decided to talk about the secrets of a proper interview with a journalist and TV presenter, who does it just filigree. Tatiana Goncharova has been on television for 22 years. She is the director of the Good Evening program on the LIVE TV channel.

Every evening Tatiana discusses with the studio guests the pain points of the day - politics, economics, medicine, and social problems … Financiers, economists, ecologists, specialists in the field of protecting children on the Internet and many others come to her. And you need to talk to everyone so that they see you as a knowledgeable person and give answers to the most painful questions.

On July 6, at 17:10, her new talk show "Vidverto.LIVE" is launched on the LIVE TV channel. These are big interviews in which Tatiana Goncharova will show us new facets of famous Ukrainians and discover the universes of people who did not want to be public before. So, what are her secrets and why do people give her answers to even the most uncomfortable questions?

Tatiana Goncharova

Secret # 1: real interest in a person

It is impossible to play it. I've seen a bunch of interviewers pretend they flare up emotionally, respond, react to a person, nod their heads. But the eyes are empty. And the person on the contrary sees and feels it. You don't have to be on the same wavelength or level with the person. If you are not a marketer, but you come to a marketer, you can ask a non-professional question. But, if you are really interested in it, the person will see it and answer. Sincerity seems to be everywhere now. But people very often ask questions for the sake of questions, not for the sake of answers. They neither listen nor hear the answers. Question for question's sake will never reveal a person.

If you don't feel interested, look for common ground. I need to find at least two or three points of contact with a person. One is not enough. When you find them, you will receive answers. For example, the hero of our first program Ruslan Kvinta. We agreed with him that he is against wearing masks 24/7. He understands that people will continue to suffer from autoimmune diseases. He realizes that masked Staphylococcus aureus will develop faster. He understands that fear has much more negative consequences than, for example, wearing a mask. But such things, for example, not everyone is ready to publish. We all follow all the rules, but everyone has their own opinion. And this topic is interesting to me. I studied this question.


Secret number 2: the phasing of questions

You can twist this or that question from three sides. For example, first you ask: "Where did you get the money for these bright parties?" The person answers: "I have earned it." You say: “Look, but roughly understanding how much your business brings you, you cannot earn that kind of money. Your party in fact - I have consulted with market participants - costs so much. You don’t earn that much even in six months.” He avoids answering. You ask the third question, you approach it from the other side: “Well, why make such a pretentious party, which, according to experts, costs so much. Only one drink you have, a glass of champagne, costs such and such an amount? " It is very important to operate with facts. The person either gives up or starts to freak out. And then, and then - the result. Especially if, in my case, this is a video interview.

Secret # 3: prepare professionally

As I said, you can come not a marketer to a marketer, not an artist to an artist, but if you do not know about this person, the interview will not work. I will make programs with people who have had one and a half interviews in their life. They are mega successful people. But the most that they were asked - what do you eat and what kinds of sports you do. This is all interesting, but.. for me personally - three percent. I am interested in motives and driving forces. Personality is what drives it.

Why was Churchill the only one of his generation? They laughed at him, discussed how superficially he understands something. But when, for example, he did not know who Homer was and this was revealed at some party, then by the next he studied everything about Homer and his works. Necessary? I will learn everything. And it is important to know these slices of personality in order to ask the right question correctly and get an honest answer.

Watch the program "Vidverto.LIVE" with Tatiana Goncharova on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17:10 on the LIVE TV channel.

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