Why does passion fade away after the birth of a child and how to return it
Why does passion fade away after the birth of a child and how to return it

Sexologist and psychologist Natalya Yezhova shared her work tips.

On September 14, Novyi Kanal will air the first episode of Aksy, where couples with relationship problems will try to figure them out. In order not to be among the exes, you need to work on communication, especially in bed. After all, even the strongest relationships often crack. It also happens that this happens after a joyful event - the birth of a child.

How to return passion to the bedroom after childbirth - "The only one" learned from the sexologist and the host of reality "Exa" Natalia Yezhova.

Where has the desire gone?

The appearance of a child in a family is one of the most delicate periods in a relationship. It is at this moment that men most often have mistresses, since they do not receive attention, care and affection from their wife. Often after the birth of the child, the couple has no sex. It is very difficult for young parents to cope with the new role. They never get enough sleep, everyone is nervous and tired, there is no time for romance.

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This situation leads to estrangement of spouses and divorce. To prevent this from happening to you, as a sexologist, I can give three pieces of advice.

  • Council number 1. Plan the time the two of you will be without a child. Yes, just write it down on the schedule as one of the most important things to do.
  • Council number 2. Be sure to sleep with your husband in the same bed and under the same blanket. Don't take your child to sleep with you.
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Council number 3. Prioritize correctly. Don't live for the children! You should always come first, then your husband and then only your children

What advice the expert will give the participants of the reality "Exs" - watch on Tuesdays from September 14 at 19:00 on the New Channel.

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