5 signs of love addiction that ruin relationships
5 signs of love addiction that ruin relationships

Oleg Kenzov, the host of "Kohannya na vizhivannya" (New Channel) and a psychologist by training, told how to recognize unhealthy cravings.

Any relationship is like a sinusoid, where there is romance, falling in love, quarrels, lapping and even disappointment. Passion and attraction gradually develop into something more.

But there is a category of people who do not allow their relationship to go further than falling in love. Or, conversely, they become so attached to their partner that they are ready for anything for the sake of their other half.

Short relationship

Such people constantly have new romances. They cannot last long with one partner.

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Do not tolerate loneliness

At the same time, they also cannot be alone for a long time. They are trying to move from a relationship to a new love. And if they are left without a partner, they quickly find a new one. After all, loneliness is unbearable for them.

Looking for the perfect match

Sometimes they justify their short novels by the fact that they are still looking for “the one” or “the very one” that can make “fireworks” out of their lives.

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Select unavailable partners

Sometimes such people unknowingly try to build a "failed" relationship. They choose unavailable partners, such as those who are married.

Afraid of parting

There is a category of people who, on the contrary, stick too much to their partner. They are afraid of being abandoned and in every possible way try to tie a soul mate. For the sake of love, they are ready to give up friends, their hobbies, interests and desires.

Being in love addiction, it is difficult to build partnerships, healthy relationships. And then even extreme tests do not need to be organized, as was the case with the couples in the reality TV show "Cohannia na vijivannya" in Peru. After all, every day can become, if not love for survival, then a test of strength.

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