3 common causes of conflict in relationships between men and women
3 common causes of conflict in relationships between men and women

When a person enters into a relationship, he imagines it as ideal. Thinks that conflicts will bypass him.

But flawless unions, where everyone lives happily ever after, are only in fairy tales. There is no couple where two never quarrel. If you know the most common causes of conflicts, you can learn to avoid or smooth them out.

So why are two lovers most likely to scandal? Three reasons were revealed by Oleg Kenzov, a presenter of the reality TV show "Kohannya na vizhivannya" (New Channel), a psychologist by training.

Originally from childhood

A fairly common cause of conflicts in a couple is different models of upbringing in childhood. When one believes that a man is always right, and the last word belongs to him, while another in his family saw a model where a woman decided everything. Or, when in one family they were taught to do everything on time, and in another they believed that nothing terrible would happen if the deadline was violated. There are many other examples of children being raised in different ways. Such mismatches affect relationships and can lead to conflicts.

  • What to do?

You need to negotiate and build a common relationship model for the two of you. Moreover, it is desirable that it be different from the one that both saw in their childhood. Or if a model of someone's family is taken, then it should coincide with the values ​​and vision of the world of the second partner.

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Money, money, money

Financial moments can ruin even the strongest relationships. Why do conflicts arise over money? First, it is influenced by different financial models from childhood. Someone had the budget in the hands of only the father or mother. Someone has something in common, and each of the family members has money. Someone lived from paycheck to paycheck, while others saved and saved. Secondly, conflicts can arise if a woman earns more. For a man with traditional views of the family, this moment can be a stumbling block.

  • What to do?

Discuss the topic of finance in advance. In order not to accumulate discontent, which will result in scandals.

Careerist or housewife

It is, of course, interesting to communicate with a person whose life orientations are different. But only if this is not your significant other. When a wife, for example, wants to build a career and disappears at work, and the husband sees her at the stove, there will be conflicts. If the vision of a shared future is different, this does not lead to good.

  • What to do?

Shared family values ​​are a strong foundation that will fuel love. Therefore, it is better to find someone with similar views than to remake another for yourself, forcing him to sacrifice his interests.

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