How to get up at the same time with the sun and even get ahead of it?
How to get up at the same time with the sun and even get ahead of it?

Ways of early awakening for desperate "owls".

Who knows for sure about the magic of the morning, so these are the hosts of the morning show. It so happened that it is a little more difficult for us than for the rest: we need not only to get up earlier, but also to be cheerful at the moment when the country is just waking up. The voice should sound, and the eyes should burn … But did you know that the voice anatomically sleeps until 10 am? Therefore, heavy loads on the vocal cords in the early morning are contraindicated for those who do not want to treat laryngitis over and over again. This is the first difficulty I encountered.

My second peculiarity is that I am the most classic owl you can imagine: if you don't wake me up, I won't get out of bed before 11. I really like to sleep for a long time and wake up when life around is already raging.

And it's not a habit - it's a lifestyle. But I love my job more - so I had to negotiate with myself. So empirically, I discovered several ways to wake up the body in the morning - now I share them with you.

For voice

I tried breathing practices for my voice. They awaken all respiratory organs, and, as it turned out, the body as a whole. That is why one of them, for example, is called "breath of fire". The bottom line is that oxygen, with sudden inhalation and exhalation, saturates each cell, and the blood begins to move faster through the vessels, thereby quickly awakening the body.

In fact, there are a lot of such techniques. Some are aimed at "turning on" different hemispheres of the brain, others - at relieving stress and relaxing (sometimes this is exactly what you need in the morning, especially if the alarm clock is too loud and you just can't come to terms with the universal injustice). But one thing I can say for sure: the eyes open, the voice sounds, and the head understands. And this cannot but rejoice.

Inna Miroshnichenko

For body

After I caught my breath (literally and figuratively), the thing is for 5-8 minutes of sports. He's the best lymphatic drainage. No amount of jumping or dry brushing can replace a simple warm-up in the morning.

Ideal for me - Surya Namaskar - yoga practice "Salutation to the sun". It stretches and awakens muscles, joints and ligaments. Everybody can do it.

For myself, I accepted the fact that man was created for movement. When we carry a sleeping body to the office in the morning to seat it for 9 o'clock, and then take it home in the same way, it is rapidly aging. Therefore, a few minutes of sports in the morning is my contribution to a vigorous and healthy day, and also to the prolongation of youth.

For face

The third must-have in my morning is a facial massage to help open my eyes. There are thousands of lessons on the Internet, different methods and techniques - finding your own is as easy as shelling pears. As you already understood, I do not notice a special lymphatic drainage effect (promised on the Internet). But an open and focused gaze is what will definitely stay with me all day.

Inna Miroshnichenko

For consciousness

And also on the way to work, I always listen to music. 15 minutes of my favorite rhythms in the car and an empty city - this is my morning meditation. Helps you tune in for a productive day.

And, of course, I always drink coffee before going to the site. I always associate its smell, taste and atmosphere with a cup in hand with the beginning of a new day - intense, unique and positive. This is more of a tradition than a need, but so adored.

Well, then the countdown, the words in the director's ear "we are on the air" and the fulfillment of the mission - to help every Ukrainian to wake up on a positive note!

This is how mine begins every morning. And if it were not for my work on television, I don't know if I would have been able to decide on early awakenings or not.But how many beautiful sunrises you can meet!

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