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Maundy Thursday 2021: what you can and cannot do on this day
Maundy Thursday 2021: what you can and cannot do on this day

Maundy Thursday falls on the last days of Great Lent and marks the beginning of preparations for the bright holiday of Easter.

In order to properly prepare for Easter, it is important to know which things to do on this day are encouraged and what should be categorically refrained from.

What you can do on Maundy Thursday 2021

  • On Maundy Thursday, try to get up before sunrise and rinse your body with clean water. At this moment, you will wash off all the negativity that has accumulated over the past year. After swimming, try not to think about bad things all day.
  • To ensure that your house / apartment does not pass your well-being and prosperity, you need to do a general cleaning on Maundy Thursday. In addition to cleaning the house / apartment, sort out the things in your wardrobe and throw away all the items that have become unusable. Thanks to this, you will open a place for something new.
girl cleans the apartment
girl cleans the apartment

After you have bathed and cleaned the apartment, on Maundy Thursday you can start cooking Easter dishes. Start baking cakes, paint eggs and prepare ingredients for other treats

If you have grievances, it is on Maundy Thursday that it is important to let them go. Talk to a person with whom you have some disagreements so as not to carry on with the accumulated problems

What not to do on Maundy Thursday 2021

  • Never leave the house dirty. If you ignore the cleaning on Maundy Thursday, then the whole next year there will be no harmony and peace in the family.
  • From Maundy Thursday to Good Friday, in no case leave dishes and laundry soaked but not washed.
  • On Maundy Thursday and until Easter, do not give away anything of value from your home, and do not lend money: along with the values, you can "give away" well-being.
girl gives money
girl gives money

On this day, you can ask God for prosperity, good luck and even a new job. But you cannot ask for money and wealth directly

  • Don't sample your Easter dishes, even while cooking. Maundy Thursday is a particularly strict day of fasting, which is forbidden to break if, due to health, indulgence is not allowed.
  • It is better to postpone noisy festivities to another day, since it is not recommended to dance, sing, listen to loud music, etc. on Maundy Thursday.

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