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10 things that are forbidden during Lent
10 things that are forbidden during Lent

Find out what you can and cannot do during Lent. When does Lent 2021 begin, how long to last and why. Here are the recommendations for those who decided to comply with it.

The week of Shrovetide is behind. Many people ask each other: when does Great Lent begin. In 2021, it will last 49 days. From March 15th to May 2nd. That is, seven weeks before Easter.

Orthodox Christians know that Jesus Christ fasted in the wilderness for forty days. And many of us, before the Holy Fire descends on earth, will have to endure a similar test, but only in much better conditions.

Great Orthodox Lent should not be presented as a series of trials and difficulties. On the contrary, this is a time of great opportunities, when you can get rid of weaknesses, addictions, show willpower for yourself and the Savior.

If you decide to fast, then learn about the basic restrictions.

Great post 2021: do's and don'ts

Eliminate meat, dairy products, and eggs from your diet.

If you find it hard to give up meat, dairy foods and eggs, then try to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Skip fish dishes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

During Great Orthodox Lent, it is forbidden to have a wedding, to arrange a wedding. You can sign and celebrate it after the end of the post.

The ban on weddings is due to the fact that during Great Lent it is necessary to renounce married life. But if the husband insists, then, as the Bible says, the wife has no power over her body, so the spouses can discuss an intimate issue together.

Do not be lazy. Show willpower over weaknesses. If there is an addiction, then try to get rid of it during Lent 2021. For example, eat a lot of sweets - exclude these dishes from the diet. The stricter the fast, the better.


Do not judge others, do not gossip, do not disdain or hate other people, whatever the situation.

Get rid of fears and doubts. Remember the words from the Bible: "If God is for us, who is against us?"

Do not visit places of entertainment and noisy parties.

It is advisable not to watch entertainment programs and films.

Eat lean food, but try to limit yourself in food. Don't be gluttonous. It is important that during Great Lent you are cheerful in spirit, and not feel unwell due to lack of food.

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