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How to decorate eggs for Easter: 5 interesting ideas you will love
How to decorate eggs for Easter: 5 interesting ideas you will love

I think we will never give up on the classic coloring of Easter eggs, but these ideas definitely deserve your attention!

Who Said All Easter Eggs Must Be The Same? It is enough to have a desire and show a little imagination to make the festive table much brighter.


If you love summer, you have a great opportunity to bring it a little closer. You will need colored paper or some fake greenery and yellow paint to turn eggs into tiny pineapples.

how to paint eggs for Easter

Cheerful little men

The holiday is best spent in good company. We invite you to make these funny little people using a marker and ribbon. Use a marker to draw the facial features and hair, and glue the tape to the bottom, imitating the details of the clothing.

beautiful decor of easter eggs


Decorate the painted egg with soft, fluffy felt ears, draw a face with a marker.

eggs for easter ideas

Flower eggs

Flowers, flowers. How already I want everything to bloom and smell. Until then, you can decorate the Easter eggs with flowers. Just use paint and paint little flowers on the eggshell. The work is a little painstaking, but very beautiful.

Easter eggs with flower prince


Decorate Easter eggs in a fashionable way for a spray paint effect. To do this, use acrylic paints and a toothbrush. Dip the brush into the paint and run it over the dry shells of the eggs already painted in some color.

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