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Maslenitsa 2021: signs, traditions and prohibitions
Maslenitsa 2021: signs, traditions and prohibitions

When is Maslenitsa celebrated in 2021 and what to do on these days.

Shrovetide is a traditional spring holiday, when everyone eats pancakes symbolizing the sun before Lent.

When is Maslenitsa celebrated in 2021

Maslenitsa 2021 is traditionally celebrated for a whole week, with the onset of spring: from Monday to Sunday. This means that this year Maslenitsa will be celebrated from 8 to 14 March.

little 2019
little 2019

What to do on Shrovetide

Shrovetide is divided into two periods: Narrow Shrovetide and Wide Shrovetide. Narrow Shrovetide lasts from Monday to Wednesday, and Wide, respectively, from Thursday to Sunday.

On the Narrow Shrovetide, you need to devote time to the cleanliness of your home, clothes and thoughts. On Shrovetide, all business should be postponed, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, it is recommended to celebrate Maslenitsa as joyfully as possible: earlier on this day ice slides were made, the louder the laughter was while riding these slides, the better the harvest was expected. Today, no one bothers you to have fun, for example, in a water park.

what to do for Shrovetide
what to do for Shrovetide

On Tuesday, you need to start baking pancakes. It is important not only to eat them yourself, but also to treat them to others, because the joy of the arrival of spring was supposed to be shared with others.

On Wednesday, the hostesses prepare a large table, the key dish of which will be pancakes with all kinds of fillings. And on Thursday all friends are invited to the feast.

The fifth day of Shrovetide was always considered the best to call your beloved girl in marriage. By the way, in 2021 this day falls on March 12th.

It's worth spending Saturday with your family. Of course, by inviting relatives for pancakes.

signs for carnival
signs for carnival

But the last day of Maslenitsa is called Forgiveness Sunday. On this day, you need to ask everyone for forgiveness and forgive those who asked you for it with the words: "God will forgive."

What not to do on Shrovetide

On Shrovetide, you cannot gossip, swear and slander. After the narrow Maslenitsa, you cannot overload yourself with work, however, you cannot meet guests in an uncleaned house either. Therefore, it is best to put the cleaning on Shrovetide in the first three days.

Also, during this period, one should not be greedy: the more generous you are, the more will return to you this year.

what not to do on Shrovetide
what not to do on Shrovetide

Signs for Shrovetide

  • The more pancakes you bake for Shrovetide, the richer the house will be.
  • If the pancakes come out lush and ruddy, there will be plenty in the house. If they fall apart and stick together, expect trouble.
  • If it is frosty on Shrovetide, then the summer will also be cold.
  • The more old things you throw away at Shrovetide, the more new ones you get.
  • On Thursday, the first pancake should be treated to the father-in-law. If he liked it, the year will be successful.
  • Whoever becomes engaged to Shrovetide will be happy all his life.

Are you celebrating Shrovetide?

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