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5 facts about Maslenitsa that are interesting to know
5 facts about Maslenitsa that are interesting to know

Maslenitsa 2021 starts on March 8 and runs until March 14.

Shrovetide traditionally precedes Lent. This is the best time to have fun and set yourself up for the next 40 days of fasting.

Preparation for Shrovetide starts on Saturday. Parents' Day is traditionally celebrated on this day. In other words, this is the first day of the year when you need to remember deceased relatives and friends. Traditionally, pancakes and some kind of meat dishes were made on this day.

Meat Sunday on Shrovetide

Shrovetide 2017: pancakes with meat

Few people know that the last day when you can eat meat is the first Sunday of Shrovetide. On this day, of course, pancakes and various meat snacks are prepared.

Since Monday, meat is banned. This is due to the body preparing for the fast. After all, if you give up animal food abruptly, the body will have stress.

During the Maslenitsa period, you need to forgive enemies

Shrovetide 2017: how to learn to forgive

The meaning of Shrovetide is in preparation for Great Lent. Remember, fasting is not just a vegetarian diet. First of all, this is work on yourself. In order for you to have the opportunity to implement it, you need to forgive those with whom you have a grudge.

Yes, it’s not easy. Traditionally, on the Maslenitsa week, people tried to find the strength in themselves for forgiveness.

Gatherings at the mother-in-law on Shrovetide

Shrovetide 2017: mother-in-law's day

If a man wants to be successful in the coming year, on Shrove Tuesday, he must visit his mother-in-law to try various pancakes. Traditionally, during the Maslenitsa period, pancake fillings are made from cheese, cottage cheese, and fruits.

In addition to pancakes, pies and dumplings with various fillings (except for meat) are also prepared in Ukraine.

Interesting: on Friday Pancake Week, the mother-in-law comes to visit her son-in-law to have a good rest.

Maslenitsa festivities in 2021

Shrovetide 2017: festivities

Festivities are an integral part of Maslenitsa. Of course, today everything has changed, and it would hardly be appropriate to treat someone with pies or pancakes on the street. However, on Thursday, Pancake Week is worth getting together with family and friends to celebrate Pancake Week 2021.

It is believed that if you spend this day with your loved ones, love and happiness will surely accompany you throughout the year. And relationships with loved ones will develop in the best way.

Shrovetide 2021: Forgiven Sunday

Shrovetide 2017: Forgiven Sunday

The last Sunday before the beginning of Lent is Forgiveness Sunday. This is the culmination of the Maslenitsa celebration and the last day when you can eat whatever you want (except meat).

On this day, you need to ask for forgiveness from relatives and friends for all situations where you were wrong. Also, Forgiveness Sunday is the perfect day to make peace with your enemies. Believers have a whole week of Shrovetide to set themselves up for sincere forgiveness.

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