Ruby wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 40 years of marriage
Ruby wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 40 years of marriage

The touching and at the same time grandiose date of 40 years of marriage is called the ruby ​​wedding. Blood-red corundum was chosen as the symbol of the date for a reason.

For four decades, children have been born and grandchildren have grown. The bloody stone symbolizes the blood of the spouses flowing in them.

Traditions for a ruby ​​wedding


A ruby ​​wedding for 40 years of marriage has a special ceremony. On the day of the fortieth anniversary of the marriage, the spouses exchange wedding rings again. But now these are new expensive rings inlaid with rubies.

What to give each other for a ruby ​​wedding

Congratulations on the fortieth anniversary of their life together are accompanied by expensive gifts. On a round date of 40 years of marriage, it is customary to give each other jewelry. As a gift from his wife, the spouse receives jewelry:

  • a ring with a ruby;
  • a set of tie-clip cufflinks with large red corundum;
  • ruby bracelet.
  • A real man who has been married for 40 years cannot lose face. Very valuable gifts are given to a wife for a ruby ​​wedding by her husband:
  • jewelry set - earrings and a ring with large corundum;
  • ruby set consisting of a bracelet with a pendant;
  • an elegant brooch studded with rubies, if the spouse gravitates to such things;
  • blood red stone necklace
The trick is that the anniversaries give each other personalized gifts for 40 years of marriage. A memorable date with the name of the spouse is engraved on the reverse side of the item.


How to beautifully celebrate 40 years of married life

They try to celebrate the anniversary of 40 years of life together outside the walls of the house, reserving a small restaurant hall or booking tables in a cafe. Over 40 years of family life, the number of relatives of the couple has increased at least three times, and it is simply not comfortable to receive congratulations on the anniversary from numerous guests at home.

The rented hall is decorated in the best traditions of celebrating a significant date. The walls for the 40th anniversary of married life are decorated with red balloons. The color of the textiles in the hall should correspond to the symbolism of the celebration. Dining tables are covered with red or burgundy tablecloths. Textile napkins are matched to the tone. For the celebration of 40 years of marriage, white and transparent dishes are displayed on the table. According to tradition, a cake or pie with red berries - raspberries, cherries, strawberries - is prepared for the anniversary.

A ruby ​​wedding should have a lot of flowers. They are used to decorate tables and walls. A script is also needed for the solemn celebration of 40 years of marriage. For the celebration of 40 years of marriage, the spouses should be dressed in smart and comfortable suits with ruby-colored elements. At the table, it is customary to demonstrate gifts presented by spouses to each other.


What to give friends or parents for a ruby ​​wedding

It is customary to widely celebrate the date of 40 years of marriage between spouses. The closest friends are invited to celebrate the anniversary. Children and grandchildren, who are organizing a festive event, congratulate on the 40th anniversary of their life together.

Friends on the anniversary of 40 years of marriage are presented with jewelry, as well as products with high-quality imitation of red corundum.

Often they present expensive crimson silk or satin bedding. Antique grandfather clocks can also delight spouses, because the mechanism of the clock, as you know, runs on rubies.

Children can complement their congratulations on the 40th anniversary of their parents' life with a cruise to exotic countries. But such gifts are coordinated, taking into account the age of the heroes of the day.

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