Pearl wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 30 years of marriage
Pearl wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 30 years of marriage

The 30th anniversary of marriage is called the Pearl Wedding. In a number of countries, pearls are considered a symbol of rare luck a grain of sand caught between the shells, where it is overgrown with mother-of-pearl.

Traditions and gifts for 30 years of wedding

On the wedding anniversary of 30 years from the date of marriage, a man traditionally gives his wife a necklace of thirty selected pearls. Each bead symbolizes a year lived together. The gift is presented with words of love and gratitude. The necklace is traditionally accompanied by a luxurious, originally designed bouquet of calla lilies. The calla flower, shaped like an open pearl shell, is also a symbol of a pearl wedding that took place 30 years ago.


What to give your wife for a pearl wedding

On the pearl anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the wedding, men give their wives jewelry with natural pearls:

  • rings;
  • suspensions;
  • bracelets;
  • pendants;
  • earrings
Fur products embroidered with pearl threads or imitation pearls are in trend.

What to give your husband for a pearl wedding

On the day of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the wedding, a woman can give her husband a collection set - a tie clip and cufflinks with pearls.

Car accessories decorated with imitation pearls or pieces of mother-of-pearl are considered a good gift.


Gifts for such a respectable date as 30 years of marriage are selected expensive and meaningfully. Fishing enthusiasts will be pleased with the new spinning rod, the photographer - a professional camera, the home craftsman - high-quality power tools.

How to celebrate a pearl wedding

The pearl anniversary of 30 years of marriage is celebrated with friends, relatives, children and, possibly, grandchildren. The celebration, as a rule, is arranged outside the home, renting a banquet hall. If the anniversary date falls on a warm season, tables are ordered in a cafe by the water, where spouses can traditionally throw pearls or coins, making a wish.

According to tradition, light shades prevail in clothes. There are a lot of pearls and mother-of-pearl in the jewelry. A men's suit for the 30th wedding anniversary, as a rule, is made in any shade of pearl color - ivory, cream or white. For women - in pale blue, blue or pale turquoise tones.

The dining table for the pearl anniversary of 30 years of marriage is decorated in a nautical style. For serving, use trays and plates in the form of seashells. Fish dishes are served on the table in the form of edible pearls. Traditionally, meat or fish pie is served to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

What to give friends or parents for 30 years of wedding


By the date of 30 years of marriage, friends will be presented with memorable gifts. As a rule, they are small and medium-sized household appliances:

  • hair dryers;
  • multicooker;
  • bread makers;
  • mixers;
  • Food processors

Gift wrapping and cases are decorated with imitation pearls or artificial mother-of-pearl, emphasizing the importance of the event - 30 years since the wedding of the spouses. There are no restrictions on gifts. An original surprise will be a gift certificate for a visit to a balneological resort or a trip to a sea cruise for two. It is considered good form to give lush bouquets with sincere congratulations to friends who have lived together for 30 years.

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