Crystal wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 15 years of marriage
Crystal wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 15 years of marriage

Another round date of marital relations - 15 years of marriage. Before the advent of crystal, the 15th anniversary of marriage was called a glass wedding.

But with the advent of the noble variety of cut glass, the wedding began to be called crystal. Transparent crystal symbolizes the purity of family relations and the tremulousness of tender feelings, carefully preserved by the spouses for 15 years of marriage.

What to give each other for 15 years of marriage


On the eve of the crystal jubilee, the spouses are jointly preparing for the celebration of the celebration dedicated to 15 years of marriage:

  • buy gifts for each other;
  • preparing a feast;
  • send invitations to friends and family

What to give your wife for a crystal wedding

Recently, it has become a good tradition to give his wife jewelry inlaid with Swarovski stones for anniversaries, as well as jewelry with large transparent stones - corundum, rock crystal, cubic zirconia or topaz.

Crystal jewelry boxes have not gone out of fashion and can replenish the list of gifts for the wife on the date of 15 years from the date of the wedding. A huge floor-standing crystal vase with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, presented early in the morning, will create a mood for the whole week.

What to give your husband for a crystal wedding

The fantasy of women is more multifaceted in the matter of a gift to her husband for 15 years from the date of the wedding:

  • crystal cognac glasses, whiskey glasses, martini glasses, ashtray;
  • elite cognac in a crystal vessel;
  • modular paintings under glass;
  • glass coffee table;
  • crystal sculpture for study

A gift for a husband for 15 years from the wedding day may be the most unusual. The lover of intellectual games will be pleased with crystal chess, made according to the individual order of his wife.

How to celebrate 15 years of wedding

For a celebration dedicated to 15 years of marriage, a banquet hall or tables in a cafe are ordered. As a rule, for 15 years of marriage, the children have grown up and the parents are still “in the ranks”. Therefore, parents and children of witnesses to the marriage, as well as old friends and new friends who can also come with their children, are invited to a gala dinner on the occasion of the celebration of the crystal wedding.

The color palette of the holiday is light. The same tones prevail in the clothes of those present. The decor for the 15th wedding anniversary is traditionally white or beige. The dining table is served with new sets and crystal dishes. Separately put two wine glasses, which after the next congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the spouses must break at the same time. According to tradition, from the moment the crystal turns into shards in the life of a married couple, a new period of relationship begins.

What to give friends 15 years of wedding

Crystal and glassware, popular in the recent past, is today considered a trivial gift. Friends for 15 years of marriage are given original and necessary items:

  • a large aquarium with exotic fish;
  • glass globe as a hint of travel;
  • crystal phone stand;
  • sconces, lamps, chandeliers made of glass or crystal

Recently, it has become fashionable to present enchanting surprises - certificates for spouses to attend exotic events.Swimming with dolphins, visiting an elite stable with a horse-riding excursion or tasting whiskey will leave the most unforgettable impressions on the day of celebrating 15 years of marriage.

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