Nickel wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 12 years of marriage
Nickel wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 12 years of marriage

12 years after the conclusion of the marriage, the anniversary is celebrated, which we call nickel, Americans call pearl, and in Western Europe - a silk wedding.

Despite the different names, the 12-year-old date from the date of the wedding all over the world is united by one common symbol. This is a large fragrant inflorescence of peony - the Chinese king of flowers, bringing good luck and prosperity.

Features and traditions of a nickel wedding


Symbolizes the 12th anniversary of the wedding day of the rare, corrosion-resistant and unusually durable silver-white nickel. It is used in the cladding of spacecraft as a material impenetrable by cosmic dust. And nickel compare the strength of family relationships that have developed over 12 years of marriage.

On the eve of the anniversary, the couple clean up the house together before the arrival of guests. They clean cutlery to shine, wash the dishes, prepare a festive 12-course menu.

What to give for your 12th wedding anniversary

Early in the morning, the husband gives his wife a bouquet of peonies and the spouses exchange gifts, which must contain nickel-plated inserts or a nickel case:

  • iPhone, laptop or tablet;
  • Jewelry;
  • wrist watch with a bracelet;
  • decorative edged weapons with inlaid scabbard

According to tradition, the spouses should devote the anniversary day to walking around their favorite places. Enter the church where the married couple got married 12 years ago. Walk along the alleys where the first child walked in a carriage.

The day of the anniversary should be filled with romance of relationships and joyful memories.


On this day, close relatives can join the walks of the couple.

How to celebrate a nickel wedding

As a rule, 12 years of marriage are celebrated at home with family, relatives and close friends. Everyone is invited with children, so the spouses should take care of the theme of the celebration. You can prepare an oriental-style evening tea program - stock up on sweets, order or bake a cake, prepare delicious drinks for children, and save sweet wine or mulled wine for parents. Spread a carpet on the floor and throw pillows over it. Children should really like this option for holding a gala evening.

The anniversary of 12 years of married life can be celebrated in a fairytale style, where each invitee plays a specific role, or in a retro style, imitating the year of marriage in the design. For such a party, outfits and shoes are selected that were fashionable 12 years ago. Children will also be interested in a historical excursion into the recent past of their parents.

You can hold a classic feast with toasts and wishes to the heroes of the occasion, or you can organize a buffet and just chat in a friendly atmosphere.


What to give friends for 12 years of wedding

Going to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the wedding of your friends, you should take care of a lush bouquet. If peonies are out of season, they can be replaced with pink and white roses. A traditional gift for the 12th wedding anniversary is a nickel-plated kitchen set.

Taking into account that each invitee remembers the symbolism and honors traditions, more than enough sets of dishes will be donated. An alternative version of the classic gift for 12 years of marriage can be small or medium-sized household appliances, since the assortment is huge:

  • blenders, mixers, coffee grinders;
  • electric kettles, coffee makers, coffee machines;
  • bread makers, toasters, microwave ovens

The choice is great, but even double gifts for the 12th wedding anniversary will find their use in joint household management by spouses.

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