Steel wedding: what to present and how to celebrate 11 years of marriage
Steel wedding: what to present and how to celebrate 11 years of marriage

At the turn of two decades, they celebrate the 11th anniversary of their life together, or a steel wedding. The date is symbolized not by a natural material, but by a high-strength alloy of iron and carbon - steel.

Strong and reliable as a dagger's blade, steel embodies the inviolability of the matrimonial relationship that has developed over 11 years.

Steel wedding traditions

It is believed that over the 11 years since marriage, the spouses have thoroughly studied the habits, are well aware of the weak and strong traits of the partner. And they also learned to take care of each other.


From the point of view of psychology, after 11 years of family life, a period of renewal begins. It was at this time that the family carried out large-scale repairs, changed furniture, purchased suburban real estate, so that there was the possibility of a short-term change of place of residence.

What to give for 11 years of marriage

On this day, the spouses exchange valuable meaningful gifts. It can be:

  • Author's sculptures, symbolizing the significance of the date.
  • Stainless steel kitchen utensils.
  • Jewelry sets made of jewelry steel.
  • Telephones, tablets or e-books in a steel case

Entering the second decade of family relations, so that sorrows and griefs do not touch the family in the future, the spouses undergo the traditional ritual of ablution. Hand in hand, the husband and wife should take a dip in running water. Ablution can be carried out in the bathroom, but in nature, an old ritual will bring romance into a relationship. After the ritual ablution, the spouses hung a steel horseshoe over the main entrance to the house. The husband strengthened the amulet on the wall, and the wife served the nails.

Scenario how to celebrate 11 years of marriage


Celebrating the date of 11 years of married life is accepted on a large scale, but only relatives and old friends receive invitations. Preferably, the presence at the celebration of a married couple with 12 years of marriage experience.

The feast is entrusted to one of the guests or a former witness. The toastmaster is not invited, just as new family friends do not receive invitations. But all those present at the celebration of 11 years of marriage of friends should come with their children. Light shades prevail in the clothes of the guests. Husband and wife celebrating 11 years of marriage are dressed in white suits.

Celebrate an anniversary in a classic or themed style. Adhering to the classics, the room is decorated in light colors.

The table setting contains steel decor elements - napkin holders, salad bowls, cutlery, vases with fresh flowers. Thematic style implies the decoration of the walls of the room with a steel color. To prevent the look from being boring, they use turquoise, white and green accents. In both cases, the hall is decorated with silver garlands, balloons, light fabrics in original wall compositions, as well as fresh flowers in contrasting colors.


What to give friends for 11 years of marriage

On a significant day of 11 years of marriage, spouses are given flowers that stand in the water for a long time - gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations. It is not necessary to gift items made of steel. It will be enough if the gift is in the appropriate color scheme:

  • steel-colored dishes or glasses;
  • modular paintings in a metal frame;
  • small household appliances in a steel imitation housing.

Recently, fashionable traditions have developed to give both spouses a hookah to celebrate wedding dates, separately to the husband - a steel personalized flask, and to the wife a small camera in a metal case.

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