Tin wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 10 years of the wedding
Tin wedding: what to give and how to celebrate 10 years of the wedding

The first 10 years from the date of the wedding, each year spent by the spouses together, is celebrated under a certain symbol. Chintz, paper, leather, wood …

The tenth anniversary is traditionally called the tin anniversary. There is another name - pink jubilee after the name of the queen of the kingdom of rose flowers. Only after the ten-year date, each subsequent anniversary is celebrated once every five years.

10th Wedding Anniversary Traditions


The symbolism of the anniversary date was not chosen by chance. After all, tin is considered the softest metal in the periodic table. Resistant - bends and does not break. So is the relationship. For 10 years of marriage, sharp corners have worn out, and feelings have not faded away. Even the everyday life of gray everyday life did not turn out to be a stumbling block of the touching relationship of the spouses.

What to give your wife for the tenth wedding anniversary

Another tenth anniversary is called a pink wedding. The name is not related to the color palette. It arose thanks to an ancient rite. On the tenth wedding anniversary, the husband gave his wife a bouquet of roses. Ten flowers were blood red, and one was snow white. This tradition still exists today.

Most often, husbands give their wives for their 10th wedding anniversary gifts that are practical and valuable. This can be a technique (iPhone, e-book, laptop), or original jewelry cast from tin.

What to give your husband for your 10th wedding anniversary

Choosing a gift for your husband for the tenth wedding anniversary, you can show your imagination. For example, to give a spouse a children's set of tin soldiers, or a model of an ancient weapon cast from tin, for ten years from the date of marriage. A man is the same boy, just grown up. And his toys are becoming more and more expensive every year.


A good solution to the problem of choosing a gift for your husband for the 10th wedding anniversary will be a real men's set consisting of polaroid sunglasses and leather gloves or a belt packed in a tin box.

How to celebrate 10 years of wedding

Traditionally, a tin wedding is celebrated in grand style. The spouses prepare in advance by sending out invitations and looking for gifts for each other.

Do not forget that a pewter wedding has a second name - a pink wedding. Therefore, the hall for the celebration of the tenth wedding anniversary is decorated accordingly:

  • The table is decorated with bouquets of cut flowers.
  • Salads are showered with rose petals.
  • Rose wine is served at the table.
  • The clothes of the spouses are dominated by pink tones.

Celebrating ten years of marriage is noisy and fun. Comic congratulations sound, gifts necessary for the household are given. After all, five years should pass before the next celebration.


What to give friends for a pewter (pink) wedding

For the celebration on the occasion of ten years from the wedding day, the best friends are not presented with gift tin souvenirs, but with useful and necessary things, symbolizing the second name of the 10th anniversary of the wedding:

  • bed linen set with a pink print;
  • a bathrobe with an ornament of roses or pink;
  • a set of rosette towels;
  • plaid with a pattern of large roses;
  • the bedspread is pink.

It has become a fashionable rule to give friends tea and dining sets, painted canvases, modular paintings depicting blooming roses for 10 years of marriage.

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