7 most unusual marriage proposals
7 most unusual marriage proposals

The girls are waiting for the cherished ring with bated breath. Many men, knowing this, try to turn the marriage proposal process into a whole show.

Touching, funny and unusual sentences with which the long happy family journey of couples began.

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Ray Smith photographed his girlfriend Claire Bramley every day. “So what's wrong with that,” she thought, because Claire was pregnant and it is normal for a future happy father to document his wife’s pregnancy.


But, as it turned out, each of these photos had a hidden message “will you marry me?” That Claire did not see. When the "scam" was opened, the girl was pleasantly shocked and gladly agreed. True, not 148 times.


Her favorite cartoon is Up! After all, he is about endless love and devotion. To fully recreate the scene of the proposal from the cartoon, the groom had to run around all the flea markets of the city. He spent 2 weeks on it. But everything worked out perfect!


Among the sharks

Joshua and Mag are big fans of extreme sports. Therefore, once in Hawaii, the first thing they did was to go diving with sharks at the local aquarium, although the girl was afraid of them.

Under the water, Meg was waiting for a sign with the cherished words. She was so delighted that she completely forgot about the sharks.


David spent four days crafting his own filling for the Kinder Surprise: a diamond ring and homemade instructions. Of course, Eliza could not answer anything other than yes.

No prejudice

Anna was surprised when a friend with the costume of the main character of her favorite movie "Pride and Prejudice" met her on the threshold of the house.

She convinced Anna that they were just having a costume party for the children, but when she went outside and saw her lover in disguise, she understood everything.

Wedding mural

Jeff approached the proposal in a big way: he painted a whole graffiti with the proposal. His girlfriend Catelyn had only to add the word "yes" to the mural on her own.

Common interests

A Scottish farmer proposed to his farm friend in an unusual way. He wrote it on her beloved cow. While she was walking towards her to examine what was written on her side, the groom managed to kneel down and take out the ring.

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