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What to do to prevent tights from tearing: 8 effective life hacks
What to do to prevent tights from tearing: 8 effective life hacks

Some "kapronki" for the whole season? It's quite real!

Nylon tights are a beautiful, graceful and feminine piece of clothing. But you can't get around with them, and problems: constantly a clue, then an arrow. You have to buy new ones, spend money over and over again - at the time to completely abandon tights.

But there are several tricks on how to make sure that the "kapronki" are not torn.

Your size

Most often, tights are torn either due to the fact that they are not matched to the size, or because the shoes are not matched to the size. Unfortunately, not a single tights that are too small for you will be intact, as well as tights on which you put on tight shoes.

why are the caprons torn?


The holds that the arrows subsequently provoke are often due to dry heels and burrs. Wipe your heels with a pumice stone, and lubricate your feet with a nourishing cream at night.

Hard seam

Under the shoes, tights are often rubbed on the toes and heels. Therefore, tights with a tougher seam or material in these places have long been invented. No difference is visible under the shoes.

how to choose kapronki

Short nails

Also, tights are often torn due to nails. Both on the legs and on the arms. Unfortunately, if you want to wear a skirt not only in the heat, you will have to file your toenails and fingernails all the time.


Sometimes we make a choice in favor of a low price: with modern production technologies, inexpensive tights look almost the same on our feet as expensive ones. But expensive ones cost so much because they are made of better quality fabric. And where cheap tights need to be bought several times, you will wear expensive ones for a long time.

which kapronki are the best

Shock freeze

Many people advise to freeze the tights by leaving them in the freezer for a day. Then let it thaw at room temperature and wear it almost forever. Everything is true, but this only works if the fabric consists of nylon - it is its structure that is strengthened at a negative temperature.

Put on correctly

You need to put on tights from the foot, collecting them with an accordion and gradually pulling them up. This will preserve the structure of the fabric, prevent it from stretching and weakening in front of the arrows.

so that the tights do not tear


Also, the structure of the fabric will be more intact if you hand wash the tights. A small price to pay for the lack of arrows and puffs, isn't it?

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