TOP 5 most common myths when preparing for a wedding
TOP 5 most common myths when preparing for a wedding

A wedding is a special day in everyone's life, be it young people or their parents.

It just so happened that wedding ceremonies leave no one indifferent - everyone is affected by their charm. That is why their preparation is treated with special responsibility and attention. Many people try to add some traditions and customs, passed down from generation to generation, even in the most creative celebrations.

Over the years and centuries, the wedding ceremony has become overgrown with myths and prejudices. And we will try to debunk some of them right now.


Myth 1. White bride dress

It doesn't have to be white, and it wasn't always so. The dress can be of any color you like - from soft pastels to bright red. It was Coco Chanel who introduced the fashion for a white wedding dress to the masses, and the peak of wedding fashion for white happened in the 50s after the Second World War, associating white with a holiday, purity and innocence.

Slavic girls, for example, for many centuries got married in red dresses or national costumes. So, dear brides, you can choose a wedding dress in any color scheme, as long as you like it.

Myth 2: a wedding photo session should be done on the wedding day

According to the organizers of wedding ceremonies, it is much easier to reschedule this event to any day before or after the celebration. Since this is a responsible, troublesome, tedious and mega important business. After all, everyone wants to get an excellent result from filming, and it is extremely difficult to achieve this in a hurry.

And one more plus of holding a photo session on another day is the price. You and your chosen one can always pick up a discount and agree on an acceptable payment for the service or the place of photography you like. It's even cooler to spend it on a honeymoon trip by placing an order in advance and throwing wedding dresses in a suitcase.

Myth 3. What is a wedding without a loan?

This is what we urge you not to do. After all, a wedding is the first step towards creating a family and it is very important to approach this matter with all responsibility and common sense. If you organize everything competently and in advance, then even with a small budget you can play a beautiful atmospheric wedding. This will save you from starting a family life with a loan repayment.


Myth 4. It's better to have a wedding in the summer

Yes, it might be much easier to do this in summer and you will have more locations at your disposal. But summer is a high wedding season and the prices for services, accordingly, will be higher. And so, at any time of the year, you can find your zest and charm by playing this or that season in the right light.


Myth 5. Having talented friends and relatives, you can do without professionals

This is a fundamentally wrong opinion, spoiling more than one wedding. A friend who has a professional camera will not be able to take perfect wedding pictures for you, and delegating a friend who does a good job of makeup to do you a wedding is too risky. The soul cousin of any company cannot replace the wedding presenter, because his functions include not only entertaining guests, but also organizing the sequence of the entire holiday. And so with everyone. Remember: everyone has to do their job. So leave it to the specialists, and let your friends and relatives enjoy and have fun.

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