Where to spend your honeymoon: 6 romantic places
Where to spend your honeymoon: 6 romantic places

Every girl dreams of an unforgettable honeymoon, which she will spend with her lover in the most romantic place on Earth.

We offer you 6 options where you can spend your honeymoon with your beloved husband. In these places, romance, love and good mood are definitely guaranteed to you.


It would seem that the classic of the genre is Paris. But in this city you can feel completely different. Yes, this is not the cheapest city, but your experience with your loved one is worth it. Long walks along the Champs Elysees, boat rides on the Seine, a hike to the Eiffel Tower, the smell of expensive perfume and fresh pastries will make you fall in love with this city.

Interesting: Few people know that the ancient name of Paris is "Lutetia". The name of this ancient settlement comes from the Latin word lutum, which translates as "mud". Today Paris is the most visited city in the world!



The place with the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is not for nothing that Mauritius is called paradise on earth. Pure white sand, sky-blue water, untouched nature - it's all mesmerizing. Mauritius is the perfect honeymoon destination. Nothing will bother you here for sure. Such a wonderful vacation will definitely be remembered for a lifetime.

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Interesting: Mauritius is the richest African country and, at the same time, the most densely populated state in Africa. In terms of population density, Mauritius ranks 17th.



The Republic of Seychelles includes 115 islands. This heavenly place is very attractive for tourists from all over the world. In these places, you will definitely plunge into the world of romance and love together with your husband.

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Interesting: The head of an ordinary Seychelles family is a woman, not a man. Matriarchy reigns here.



Who hasn't dreamed of honeymooning in the Maldives? Here you and your beloved will spend a truly luxurious vacation.

Snow-white sand, a spit stretching far into the sea, incredible nature and a warm crystal clear sea - all this will make your honeymoon happy.

Interesting: The average age for marriage in the Maldives is 24 years. An unmarried 25-year-old girl can easily be called an "old maid" by the guardians of Islamic morality.



A colorful and mesmerizing place. Venice beckons crowds of tourists to stroll through its streets, ride gondolas and drink sparkling wine. This city definitely has its own charm and style.

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Interesting: The Venice Carnival takes place before Lent in February or March and lasts 10 days.



Fiji Islands are a real tropical oasis. The locals believe that their islands are the creation of the Almighty himself. After all, just imagine - 322 islands with the purest sand and incredible clear turquoise water. This is the place where you want to hide from the whole world. And this is reality!

Interesting: Sunglasses are banned in Fiji, as are hats. They can only be worn by leaders.

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