How to get married not in the registry office
How to get married not in the registry office

A ceremony without boring women and carpets.

Planning a wedding? Congratulations! Have you ever thought that the holiday can be held not in the registry office, where each bride has no more than 15 minutes, and even the best photographer in the world will not save the entourage, but in a more picturesque place?

Let's talk about the options.

Visiting ceremony

The easiest way to get married is not at the registry office. True, formally, it is there that they will write for you, but all the other subtleties: wishes, announcement of husband and wife, exchange of rings - all this will be exactly in the place that you choose.

To conduct an exit ceremony, you just need to register at the registry office in advance and present the marriage certificate to the newlyweds directly during the celebration. The host can be either a registry office employee or any other person you invite.


Service READY

This civil service provider also registers marriages. In just a day! But, such a ceremony is not free and starts from 5000 hryvnia on a weekday.

In any case, you will need to book the date in advance and choose whether you want to see guests at the ceremony. The price will depend on this.


By the way, it is quite possible to sign it abroad, with the help of the Ukrainian consulate. Each country has its own conditions for this, for example, France requires a three-month residence in it for the spouses, in Italy it will be necessary to pay for this, and in Thailand it is simply enough to obtain the permission of the consul.


One way or another, we believe that you will choose the best option for your fabulous wedding!

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