A budget-friendly wedding: how to make it beautiful and budget-friendly
A budget-friendly wedding: how to make it beautiful and budget-friendly

Most of us dream of a wedding, probably from the very birth - due to imposed public opinion, or maybe it is genetically inherent in every little girl. The ceremony, which each of us awaits with bated breath, and, naturally, wants everything to be perfect at it.

Our parents did not really think about the budget for the weddings, since these expenses mostly fell on the shoulders of their parents. Our generation is less fortunate: most of us organize weddings without any financial assistance. Therefore, many approach this issue very carefully.

We will try to draw your attention to those moments that will help to reduce the wedding budget without compromising the quality of the ceremony.


First of all, start preparing the ceremony well in advance - at least 3-4 months before day X, so that you have time to plan everything carefully and not make hasty expenses. Advice to girls: listen more to the opinion of your future chosen one - men in this matter are less emotional and will more rationally relate to the organization.


Wedding agencies

It is best to save on everything that has no real value for you personally, and is not particularly important, as well as those things that cannot be used anywhere else and never, except at a wedding. If time allows you, skip the wedding agencies and start organizing your wedding yourself, connecting friends and family whenever possible. After all, agencies do not work for nothing, usually their earnings are 10-15% of the wedding budget.

Suitable season

The period of the event is also important. as elsewhere, there is also a high season here. The cheapest thing to celebrate is in winter (except for the second half of December - you know, corporate parties) and in May - there is a great chance to get discounts.


The format of the wedding also significantly affects the budget. Discuss with your partner whether the feast is so important, because over time, guests will no longer remember what they ate at your banquet. Therefore, a buffet table is quite an acceptable format, especially in the summer at an exit ceremony. The number of guests is also an important point - experts say that when ordering a banquet, you can safely subtract 10% of the number of guests. Even if suddenly, which happens very rarely, everyone comes, a couple of devices can always be delivered.


Wedding image

Take care of your wedding dress in advance - this will give you the opportunity to buy the dress of your dreams cheaper. Out of season there are great discounts. You can also order an outfit online or sew, or you can even rent it, which will be much cheaper. Do not buy accessories in wedding salons - all this can be ordered several times cheaper via the Internet.


Transport is also one of the articles on which you can save a lot, because hired transport costs a lot of money. If there is a possibility, why not use a premium car of one of the invitees, because there will definitely be such a person among your friends or acquaintances.

Photo and video filming

Photo and video filming this is something that is not advised to save on. But there are options here too! Lovestory can be shot not on the wedding day, but before or after - many photographers have empty windows when they are ready to work for a reasonable price. Track such promotions. If you ordered both photo and video filming, you can safely refuse from the photo during the feast - for contests and throwing bouquets, video will be enough.



And the main rule of preparation: you can save on quantity, but in no case save on quality. Nothing is better than bad. Approaching the preparation of the wedding with the right attitude, patience, imagination and creativity, you and your chosen one will have every chance to make an inexpensive, but very beautiful and atmospheric wedding.

I wish you happiness and meaningful spending!

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