How to save on wedding rings
How to save on wedding rings

A wedding is not necessarily an expensive event.

If you are about to have such a joyful event as a wedding, you should also think about having enough money for everything. Wedding rings are a symbol of your marriage and are forever. But this does not mean that they should be worth fabulous money.

Here are some ways to save on wedding rings.

Unpaired rings

Paired rings are very often more expensive just because they are paired, therefore, wedding rings. If you try to find similar rings apart (or dissimilar, because this is not necessary at all), such a purchase will cost much cheaper.


Not a classic

Classic is gold, and if we talk about stones, then diamond. But there are many other precious metals and stones.

For example, silver wears well, does not differ from white gold, and with careful care it will last forever. And the stones can also be very different: from Swarovski crystals to semi-precious, but no less beautiful.

Second use

If you are not superstitious, you can safely buy rings that someone else has already worn. Such ones often remain after a divorce, or maybe a person just recovered or does not want to wear a ring.

The cheapest way would be to buy such a ring at a pawnshop; there are also options for online stores. Used wedding rings are also available in jewelry stores.


Gift in advance

If you still want expensive rings, but there is no money for them, you can ask your friends to give you a gift before the wedding and give you dream rings, or money for them.

Parental blessing

Many mothers give their daughters wedding dresses. There is also a tradition of giving wedding rings: mother's, grandmother's. This is a touching tradition that costs nothing, although it is the most expensive and valuable.


Happy wedding!

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