Wedding in May: favorable and unfavorable days for marriage in May 2019
Wedding in May: favorable and unfavorable days for marriage in May 2019

Should you get married in May and what is the best wedding date this spring?

Many people think that getting married in May is a bad idea. Indeed, there is a sign: if you get married in May, you will toil all your life. But let's turn not to the signs, but to the stars and planets, their location and what they tell us about favorable and unfavorable dates for a wedding in May 2019.

Auspicious dates for a wedding in May 2019

The dates listed below are most conducive to creating a strong, reliable and loyal family for many, many years.

May 10 - the growing moon, which is always good for undertakings, the Moon is in the sign of cancer, which symbolizes the strength of bonds and loyalty.

May 17 - Waxing Crescent. This date is good for those couples who consider themselves "twin in mind." This wedding date will create a strong psychological and emotional bond. However, the Moon is in Scorpio, which means that the family imprisoned on this day will sometimes raise questions of jealousy. If you want a brother in spirit and mind with a pepper of passion, get married on this very day. Not a good date for a quiet family harbor.

May 19 - the full moon, which speaks of an exacerbation of all feelings and emotions, which will also affect your marriage. The moon is in Sagittarius at this time, which means that the alliances made on this day are strong, strong, trusting. You will help each other develop, the couple will grow and strengthen together, achieving incredible heights thanks to mutual support.


There are also several dates that are more neutral, but rather favorable for marriage in May.

the 6th of May - The growing moon in Gemini. The union made on this day will always have common interests, topics of conversation and hobbies. Such a couple will be not only spouses, but also friends throughout their lives.

9th May - the growing Moon in Cancer. Most strong alliances are usually formed during this period.

16th of May - Moon in Libra. A family imprisoned in such a period will live a little in their personal world, in complete harmony and mutual understanding, while to others it will seem somewhat inaccessible and extravagant. Such families are usually spoken of “on their own wavelength”.

Unfavorable dates for a wedding in May 2019

If you have a choice, it is best to avoid getting married on these dates in May of the current year.

22nd of May - the waning moon in the sign of Capricorn. Marriages concluded on this day quickly become obsolete, although I can drag on without love for quite a long time, tied to a common cause, real estate or children. Also, in such unions, there is often a struggle for leadership and control.

May, 23rd - all the same story as with the previous date: Moon in Capricorn, struggle for power and control in the family, lack of love and care.

May 29 - the waning moon in Aries. Such a family will be the first among friends in everything: the first to give birth to a baby, the first to buy a car and an apartment. However, from within it, too, will be torn apart by heavy battles for leadership, which is fraught with scandals. In such a marriage, in order to preserve it, it is important to understand that both are important at once.

May 30 - Also the waning moon in Aries: quarrels over leadership and control.

Some dates in May are unfavorable for a wedding a little less, but if there is a choice, getting married on these days is also not worth it.

May 4th - Moon in Taurus, this union can last a long time only if everyone in the family pays enough attention to self-development.

May 21st - Moon in Capricorn: such a union can quickly lose passion and stick only to a common cause.


If your wedding is scheduled for unfavorable days in May, do not be discouraged.These are just warnings that you need to pay attention to in order to make the alliance lasting.

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